About Kyra and us

Hello! Welcome to KyraPets!

I’m Josh and the person running KyraPets. I have named this site after my dog, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Since I am a huge animal lover and have decades of experience in keeping pets, I would like to share with you what I know.

I remember I had my first puppy as a birthday present. (Please don’t buy dogs as gifts, in case they get re-homed or abandoned!) My family always knew that I wanted a pet dog as I had been begging them if I could keep one. Little did I realize that loving animals and having the knowledge keeping them were two different things.

Back then, the internet was not very helpful for me and I had to go to the library and vets to improve my knowledge of dog care. Most importantly, what dog food we should feed them is essential too!

Hence, this site helps you with looking after your dogs, making sure they’re not only happy but also healthy.

Through years of experience of keeping pet dogs, I hope to share some useful information and products on this site. This will save you tons of valuable time and hard work doing research. This is also give you a more informed buying decision.

Sites like Petsitters.org, wikihow, thegooddogguide and dog-fest.co.uk have used our pet tips and advice for their readers.

I know how you feel because I am a dog owner, too.
Thank you for reading! 🙂