Top 5 Brushes For Your Havanese Plus Quick Grooming & Care Guide

The Havanese is a cuddly medium-length fur dog. The luscious coats just begging for you to brush them and the best part is that this dog mix doesn’t shed as much fur as other mix and breeds. However, they need a good amount of grooming to keep their hair from getting tangled. Matted hair will be your enemy best kept away with the best brush for Havanese dogs.

The ABCs of Grooming Havanese

Fur or also known as dog hair needs just as much grooming as human hair. While the Havanese mix doesn’t produce dander like other dogs, the reality is they will still shed a little which can be a cause of some allergy reactions or leave your furniture and flat surfaces with a light coating of fur. Dogs do groom themselves but it’s going to be a lot of licking and rubbing themselves on questionable surfaces. You’ll have to take over and keep their fur clean and free from tangles and mats.

A Bath for your Dog

Grooming is useless unless if you bathe your Havanese first. You might notice that the pups like to stay indoors. Supposedly, it’s a good thing as it means they won’t be exposed to dirt, dust, and debris. However, air-conditioning, heating, dry/humid atmospheres, static electricity and more pose more problems for your dog.

Stuff you Need for Bathing your Havanese

  • Puppy shampoo for medium length fur
  • Moisturizing conditioner
  • Leave-on conditioner
  • Towels
  • Sterile gauzes
  • Tear stain aloe wipes
  • Large tub
  • Tepid to warm water

Bathing Your Havanese

  • Before doing anything with your dog, make sure to make things safe first.
  • Find a stable surface for the tub. A lot find it safer to do it on the floor. But if you have bath problems, you can use your large kitchen sink.
  • Fill the tub with a few inches of tepid to warm water. If you overfill it up to the chest of your dog, they will reflexively start to paddle.
  • Use a loose collar to secure your dog. Tie it to the faucet or the leg of a chair. This is part of bath training.
  • Relieve the tension by doing additional dog bath training. Place your dog in the empty tub or sink and offer toys and treats. This will condition the dog to accept the tub/sink and even look forward to being put inside it.
  • Optional: Pet shower caps keep the ears of the Havanese dogs free from water. The problem with hairy dogs is the moisture that accumulates in their ears. It needs to be dried and groomed carefully to prevent infections.
  • Start by pouring water all over the body and wetting the coat thoroughly. You need to reach the undercoat so that the shampoo will penetrate that layer to help remove dirt.
  • Havanese also tends to leave tear stain tracks. Don’t use water on their faces or else they’ll get upset and start to shake the water off. Use the aloe wipes.
  • Once you’ve rinsed off the soap, dry the fur with a towel and leave to air dry. Or you can use a blow dryer to make things faster.
  • Proceed to the next step: brushing your dog. If you don’t brush your dog after bathing, they will instinctively rub themselves on any surface to try to bring up the oils from their skin or rub on the oil left on any surface they’ve been on.

Bath your Havanese at least once every week or every two weeks. However, you will need to brush your dog daily if you want it to remain healthy with luscious flowing hair.

Brushing Your Dog

The next part of grooming is brushing your dog.

  • Brushing stroke – use long strokes by gently pressing the pins or teeth to the skin and dragging it in a slow manner. Quick, short strokes will excite your dog as if you’re play-fighting with them. It also creates a lot of static which can be uncomfortable for your dog.
  • Direction – Always stroke in the direction of the fur. If you need to check the skin, part the hair sideways. It’s easier to manage the long fur as compared to dragging it in the opposite direction of fur growth.
  • Layers– Start with the undercoat and work yourself up. This allows the spreading of oil from the skin to the tips of the fur.
  • Frequency – Brush as often as possible. Ideally, you can brush your Havanese twice a day. Some dogs might beg for third or fourth grooming. If you have the time, then go for it. There’s really no limit to grooming as the dog knows when to stop. They’ll wriggle away to rest or do other things.
  • The Brush – The best brush for Havanese should be a brush that can raise the undercoat, remove the shedding, and gently stimulate the skin to produce oils. That way, each stroke coats the fur of your dog. Brushing increases your bond with your dog, evoking feelings of trust.

Complete Care for your Havanese

Complement the bathing and brushing of your Havanese with good nutrition to complete the grooming process. Even with a good bathing and brushing regimen, a malnourished pup will have straggly fur, blemished skin, or even canine alopecia.

  • High protein diet
  • A balanced amount of good fats
  • Canine Multivitamins
  • Salmon Oil supplements
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids

The Best Brushes for Havanese Dogs

The Havanese puppy starts with a soft coat of 2 to inches of hair. After a year, the coat changes along with the maturation of the puppy. They begin to develop an adult double coat with a silky undercoat. Adult dogs of this mix will have fur reaching 10 inches long. The right brush is essential to keep the coats tangle and mat free and allow for spreading of oils from root to tip for a shiny and luxurious fur.

Hertzko Self Cleaning Brush


  • Gives you a nice grip on the handle.
  • Wide brush pad lets you groom wider areas of your pet.
  • One-button cleans the brush.


  • You need to be careful when stroking as a wider brush pad tends to snag longer hair.
  • Requires stroking technique to use effectively.
  • Available only in purple.

This brush may work well with a Havanese. Get rid of the tangles and mats by combing through the undercoat. Dander and shedding get trapped in the brush and you can get rid of them with one single tap on the button. Can be used daily as part of your dog’s grooming regimen.

However, some people have remarked that the self-cleaning feature doesn’t work at the first press of the button. It is advisable to press a couple of times with a shaking motion to dislodge the shedding hair.

Pet Grooming Brush by PetNeat


  • The fine-tooth comb can remove dander and dead hair.
  • Sturdy stainless-steel blade can withstand a lot of grooming.
  • The ergonomic handle is easy to grip and apply firm force for brushing.
  • Steel blade detaches for cleaning.
  • Every order comes with four dog care e-books


  • No self-cleaning features.
  • Available only in blue.

The stainless-steel blade Pet Grooming Brush has a smooth finish that won’t snag hair. However, it can pick up dander and dead hair with ease. Remove tangles in just 10 minutes. The single strip of teeth also makes it easier to brush your dog at any angle.

There is one problem with the blade, the steel tooth is relatively sharper than other brushes. Take care when you’re brushing your dog with it.


Andis Pet Steel Grooming Comb


  • Has a wide and narrow teeth sides for targeting different lengths of hair.
  • Smooth rounded pins won’t hurt your dog.
  • Light-weight grooming tool made of stainless steel.
  • Polished pins glide on hair but will pick up shedding hair.


  • No handle to give you a firm grip when stroking.
  • Available only in chrome finish.

Ideal for Havanese with longer coats of fine hair. The rounded pins can penetrate deeper into the undercoat and right on the skin. Each stroke massages the skin to produce oils that can then be spread to the hair. As a grooming tool, it can help prevent mats from forming. Can also be used as a finishing tool.

The only problem is the lack of a handle to give you a grip when stroking. Other than that, this lightweight grooming tool is necessary for your dog’s grooming kit.


Boshel Dog Hairbrush


  • Two-in-one brush with one side as a bristle slicker brush and the other removes hair on any surface.
  • The nice handle gives you a strong grip.
  • The bristle slicker brush pins have rounded tips to protect your dog.


  • Not a heavy-duty brush that can detangle or remove mats.

This brightly colored brush resembles chew toys and can be used on skittish Havanese dogs. The pins are also rounded which won’t scratch and irritate the skin. At the same time, hair glides on the polished pins for a snag-free stroke. This makes the brush an excellent choice for slowly introducing your Havanese to brushing. Remove mild mats and tangles with the slicker brush side. Should the hair stick to your clothes or furniture, just turn the brush over and sweep them away with the hair remover.

However, this brush isn’t a heavy-duty one. You’ll have trouble with removing moderate to severe tangles and mats using this brush. To avoid this issue, always brush your Havanese every day.

HappyDogz Pro Slicker Brush


  • Tight rows of polishes bristles and smoothed tips can remove tangles and mats with ease.
  • Wide brush pad covers large areas of hair.
  • The handle has grooves to give you a strong grip.
  • Lifetime 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Free dog grooming eBook.


  • Some people say the build of the brush is flimsy and feels like it can be used on severe tangles and mats.
  • Bristles may be too much on sensitive dogs.
  • Maybe a bit large for a Havanese.
  • Requires stroking in one direction due to the bend of the bristles.

This Happy Dogz brush has tight rows of bristles that gently untangles and de-mats the coat of your dog. You can cut grooming times with the wide brush pad that helps you cover large areas of hair in each stroke. After use, just run the brush under briskly flowing water to remove shedding stuck to the bristles. Each order comes with a money-back guarantee and an e-book on dog grooming.

Unfortunately, the build of the brush feels a bit flimsy and looks like it is going to break if used to remove severe tangles and mats. The bristles are bent for a purpose, to help remove mats and tangles. However, this means you must brush in one direction for the brush to be effective. Finally, the brush pad and bristles might be too tough for sensitive dogs and too big for your Havanese.


Bonus Choice:

Pro Quality Self-cleaning Slicker Brush by the Pet Portal


  • Metal bristles are polished smooth to prevent snagging and irritating the skin of your dog.
  • 5-year manufacturer guarantee.
  • Free dog grooming eBook.
  • Self-cleaning brush for easy storage after each use.


  • Bristles may be too sharp for your dog’s skin. Use with caution.
  • Large brush pad may scare skittish dogs or smaller breed dogs like a Havanese.

If you’re fond of the convenience of a self-cleaning brush, then this brush by Pet Portal is the one for you. The brush has a professional quality feel with a rubberized finish that can withstand stains. The brush works like any other slicker brush with the added self-cleaning benefit.

Some owners have complained of the sharp bristles though and you must be careful when pressing it to the skin of your dog. The large brush may also scare small dog breeds or mixes so introduce the brush slowly.


Among the five brushes for your Havanese, the Boshel Dog Hairbrush is the winner. It’s non-threatening to a small dog plus it has notable features that make it a versatile brush and grooming tool. One side is gentle enough to remove mild matting and tangles. While it’s not good for heavy-duty use, you can work around this limitation by brushing your Havanese daily. Since the brush is lightweight and easy to use, that will be no problem at all. As for the other side, it can be used to pick up runaway shedding on any surface with one swipe. This makes the Boshel Dog Hairbrush a handy grooming tool for your dog’s grooming kit.

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