Best Brush For Maltipoo And Other Grooming Tips

The cross of a Maltese and a Poodle is a fun-loving and affectionate dog called Maltipoo. The adorable forever puppy face and soft and fluffy fur have attracted many owners. You can style the fur into a hypoallergenic cut I’m sure even sensitive dog owners would love. The coat doesn’t shed compared to regular dogs. However, this means that hair gets trapped underneath. Choosing the best brush for Maltipoo requires some trial and error but will result in a happier pet and a cleaner home.

The Importance of Grooming your Maltipoo Right

Your Maltipoo requires a head to toe treatment before you can brush it. It might seem like a lot but with regular care, your pet will thrive.

Bathing Your Pet

If only all dogs were born to love bath time. Depending on the preference of your Maltipoo, he’ll either love splashing in the water or ducking under furniture. You need to know when to give your pet a bath and how to do it properly.

Developmental Stage Bathing

Bathing can be timed using the developmental stages of your dog. Newborns are best left under the care with their mother as tongue baths both clean and help the puppies excrete body wastes. Ideally, you should bring a maltipoo pup into your home at about 8 weeks old. Bathing them at this age would only require using a warm washcloth.

How Often to Give a Maltipoo a Bath

Maltipoos only need a bath once every 3 weeks. This is to prevent stripping away natural body oils of your pet. If you go further than three weeks, you may notice some tangles, blocked skin pores and other skin problems.

How to Bath a Maltipoo

You’re going to need the following items to bathe your pet.

  • Canine shampoo for short to medium haired dogs
  • Conditioner
  • Washcloths
  • One big towel
  • Sterile gauze pads
  • Blunt tweezers
  • Tooth comb for toy breeds

On to the bathing process.

  1. The process starts with 3 inches of tepid water in a sink or large enough basin. Slowly lower your Maltipoo in the water and getting it acquainted to the temperature.
  2. Next, use a spray nozzle or dipper and slowly soak the fur of your pup. Maltipoo coating has a slight water-resistant oily coating which is why you’ll need to soak the fur completely before applying shampoo. You can do this by running your hand against the fur slowly while pouring water.
  3. Apply shampoo and start scrubbing gently but firmly all over the body. Avoid getting water into their ears. This will trigger the reflex of dogs to shake off the water. Not only that, water in ears will cause infections.
  4. If water does get into their ears, use the sterile gauzes to carefully dry the inner areas. Use slow, long strokes as quick, short strokes will trigger the shaking reflex of your dog.
  5. Use the tweezers to remove stray hair, small mats, dirt, and debris. If you don’t have blunt tweezers, you can use normal ones but be careful not to poke your dog.
  6. After the bath, towel off the Maltipoo and comb the tangles away. You can dry your puppy after by allowing the fur to air dry or you can use a blow dryer on a low setting.

Five Good Reasons to Brush Your Maltipoo

In between bath times of three weeks, you can keep your Maltipoo clean by brushing its fur. Here are five reasons why you need to brush your dog.

Remove Loose and Trapped Hair

The Maltipoo has short and medium hair coating. This type of fur combination leads to some tangles and knotting if left alone. While the pup won’t shed hair as much as regular short-haired dogs, your Maltipoo will leave a fine coating of fur on furniture if not brushed for a long time. Routine brushing will keep the coat tangle-free and your furniture fur-free.

Prevent Matted Fur

Regular brushing prevents Maltipoo fur from matting. Matted fur is a magnet for pests and dirt. That swirl of fur form due to oily hair knotting over itself or due to foreign matter like twigs. Oftentimes, it’s due to the lack of brushing. Once the mats have formed, it will be difficult to remove it without hurting your Maltipoo. The only way to do it safely is to cut the mat or shave it off.

Physical Checkup

Brushing your Maltipoo allows you to check its body for other problems. You can check the health of your dog by looking at the skin underneath that fur. You can check if your dog is emaciated, dehydrated, or obese. Lesions will warn you of possible infections like mange, bot flies, etc.

Brush to Bond with Your Maltipoo

Brushing evokes the same feelings as another dog is grooming them. However, your pup might be unfamiliar to it at first or think your playfighting with them. Over time, they’ll learn that it’s a pleasant experience and will stay still to enjoy the grooming. They might even beg for grooming which is a big plus especially for Maltipoos with active oil glands.

Keeps Skin and Hair Healthy

Due to its Poodle genes, your Maltipoo will produce a moderate amount of oil. This oil keeps the skin and fur healthy and shiny. You can help distribute that oil over their bodies through regular brushing. The best brush for a Maltipoo should also help remove dirt, debris, twigs, and more.

Contraindications to Brushing Your Dogs

Avoid brushing your dog if it has an active skin disease or an open wound. This can aggravate the problem. Treat it first and let the skin heal over before resuming the grooming.

Brushing Your Maltipoo – Making it Enjoyable for Both of You

Make brushing a fun activity with your dog. Here are some tips to make it enjoyable.

  • Learn the grooming times of your dog. Sometimes they prefer it before sleeping, others like it when they’re anxious or excited.
  • Keep treats handy. You can use it to reinforce positive behavior while grooming. Such as staying still while you’re brushing.
  • Use the right brush. Choosing the best brush for Maltipoo is like choosing a chew toy. Your dog will have a preference or will learn to like it.

We’ll look at the best brushes for your pet next.

The Best Brush for Maltipoo – Top 5 Choices for your Dog

We did the homework, so you don’t have to search far and wide for the best Maltipoo dog brush.

We’ve chosen the best dog brushes using the following criteria.

  • Comfort
  • Weight
  • Dimensions

Now on to the Maltipoo Brushes!

Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush

Comfort: Round solid beechwood handle that’s easy to grip, lightweight and durable.

Weight: 3.2 ounces

Dimensions: 8.5 x 4 x 2 inches

This beautiful brush features have steel pins with smooth polished tips that are ideal for brushing frizzy-haired maltipoos. This pin brush for dogs has an easy to grip handle for those long, firm strokes to remove small tangles and knots. The polished steel tips are better than plastic tips. Plastic tips on steel pins tend to break off and scrape skin or catch hair which can be painful for your dog. The firmly mounted steel pins won’t swivel, spin, or catch hair.


  • Smooth polished tips
  • Great for long-haired dogs
  • Won’t irritate the skin of your dogs
  • Won’t catch or snag hair


  • Available only in one color (beech wood)

Double-sided Pet Brush by Poodle Pet

Comfort: Rubber handles with anti-slip grooves for better handling.

Weight: 5 ounces

Dimensions: 9 x 3.5 x 2.5 inches

An all-in-one grooming brush that features a pin brush side and soft bristles on the other. This powerful double-sided brush is great for a Maltipoo. Your dog will have one part of the body with shorter hair, while another part is longer than the rest. Use the pin brush side to smooth out the long hair. The pins glide effortlessly as it smooths the fur, removes tangles and matting. The polished tips lightly brush on your dog’s skin which helps improve circulation and express natural oils.

Use the soft and pliable bristles to help your Maltipoo relax and target the shorter hair side with to sweep away the shedding. This side provides a gentler brush especially if your dog is prone to skin irritation.

The anti-slip brush handle gives you a stronger and stable grip for firm strokes even when your pup is getting playful.


  • Two-sided brush for grooming different areas of the body of dogs
  • Steel pins glide through hair
  • Soft bristles gently remove shedding
  • Anti-slip handle for a firm grip


  • The soft bristles are hard to clean

Hertzko Self-cleaning Slicker Brush

Comfort: Right degree angle brush provides a stable grip during strokes. Easy to clean and store after use.

Weight: 7.8 ounces

Dimensions: 5.8 x 3 x 10 inches

The Slicker brush can handle Maltipoos with longer, wavy hair. Instead of bristles, wire pins raise the coat while brushing them. The action is smoother and doesn’t disturb your dog compared to other brushes. The flexible wires also prevent damaging the skin of dogs and they’re strong enough to handle a lot of brushings.

The highlight of the Hertzko Slicker brush is its self-cleaning properties. With a click of a button, the wire retracts into the brush, leaving behind the hair which can be removed by wiping or flicking. You can then store the brush into your dog grooming kit and carry on your day, that is until your Maltipoo begs for another brushing.


  • Easy to use brush, just glide on fur to comb through undercoat and remove shedding
  • One-tap button to easily clean the brush
  • Won’t irritate the skin of your Maltipoo


  • The heaviest brush on the list at almost 8 ounces

Hertzo Pin Brush

Comfort: Wide brush pad with an ergonomic, anti-slip handle.

Weight: 4 ounces

Dimensions: 8 x 4.2 x 1.6 inches

This is a good brush for a Maltipoo with long and short hair. The bristles have rounded tips that gently stroke over the skin while untangling hair and removing the undercoat shedding. The wide brush pad covers a lot of area which makes grooming your Maltipoo faster and easier. The only problem for wide brush pads is accidentally snagging the hair of your dog. Avoid this by performing slow, long strokes. This allows the pins to glide over the fur smoothly.


  • Bristles with rounded tips gently massage the skin of your dog
  • The wide brush pad cleans larger swathes of fur in one stroke versus regular sized brushes
  • The handle and angle of the brush makes it easier to perform longer strokes


  • Wide brush pads often snag the hair of your dog and cause discomfort


Chris Christensen 000 Fine/Coarse Buttercomb

Comfort: The teeth ends are polished and smooth to reduce irritation and pain. Some issues with the grip though.

Weight: 0.4 ounces

Dimensions: 7.5 x 0.1 x 1.2 inches

The lightest grooming tool for a Maltipoo yet. Use the fine/coarse buttercomb for all fur types. The flat spine provides a grip while the rounded tips of the teeth won’t scratch the skin of your dog. This tool is best for hard to reach undercoats and tangles that requires some angling and maneuvering. There’s no handle though which could be a problem for owners with wrist problems. However, this is a small sacrifice if it means your dog is tangle and mat-free.


  • The lightest brush on the list
  • Easy to clean brush that won’t rust or accumulate dirt like other brushes
  • Two sides for cleaning different hair lengths of the fur of your dog


  • Doesn’t have a handle to give you a firm grip when grooming your dog
  • The teeth are immovable or don’t swivel which can cause snagging of hair or getting stuck in mats and tangles


Bonus: Poodle Pet Dematting Comb for Dogs

Comfort: Anti-slip handles with adjustable head for any angle brushing.

Weight: 5 ounces

Dimensions: 7.5 x 3 x 1 inches

Ideal for Poodle and poodle mix dogs like the Maltipoo. Give this brush a try to remove matted hair, tangles, and more. Gently rake through the undercoat and remove mats without hurting your dog. As a dematter tool, it works perfectly for mild to moderate matted hair. The handle gives you the best angle to comb through the hair of your dog safely and quickly. This tool lets you remove mats without resorting to cutting off the mat or shaving that part of the body.

Your dog might not recognize it as a brush and freak out a little so coax it gently. This brush is not meant for daily grooming, but it will be a handy tool for specific situations mentioned above. For severe cases of matting, shaving, or cutting the mat may be necessary.


  • Ideal tool for matted hair
  • Nice angle of the handle for a stronger grip
  • Gently remove mats without hurting your dog


  • Don’t use for other grooming purposes except for removing mats
  • Will scare dogs who are not familiar with the grooming tool
  • Use only for mild to moderate mats and tangles, don’t force it on hard to untangle or demat.


With two types of brushes into one, the Double-sided Pet Brush by Poodle Pet stands out among the other brushes. What makes it the best brush for Maltipoo is the versatility of brushing with steel pins for untangling and switching to the soft bristle side for removing shedding. You can also use the steel pin side for parts of your dog with longer hair and easily switch to the bristle side when you reach areas with shorter hair. You will save time by using only one tool for the whole body of your dog.

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