Top 5 Best Dog Food for Boston Terriers – For a Healthy Pooch

If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best dog food for Boston Terriers is,
then we’d recommend Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Mini Puppy Dry Dog Food as the best choice.

Boston Terriers are small, short-tailed dogs that weigh not more than 25 pounds.
Their coat varies from white to either black, seal or brindle.
This breed has a square head, large round eyes and its muzzle is short.
They are conscious to their surroundings and they move with a jaunty, rhythmic step.

Despite their small size, it doesn’t mean we should feed them less and unhealthy dog food.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing the following dog food for Boston Terriers:


The Dietary Requirements of a Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier has a fast metabolism that requires a high demand for energy.The best source of energy for this breed is fat.
It provides nine calories per gram against the four calories per gram for protein.

Small and active dog like Boston Terrier may need more calories.
It is as much as 40 calories per pound of body weight in a day.

They also need lots of protein in their diet. Protein contains amino acids which are responsible for healthy muscles.
The best source of protein for dogs is from the animal.
It is because your pet dog can digest animal products better than plant products.

The Growth Stages of Boston Terriers

Puppy Boston Terriers

To support growth, a puppy Boston Terrier requires a good amount of calorie and protein-dense diet.

A puppy Boston Terrier would require around 22% protein and 8% fat.
So, it is best to choose a high-quality dog food for small breed puppy to eat.

Adult Boston Terriers

Once your pet dog reaches the age of 8 to 12 months, you can change its diet to an adult small-breed recipe that contains 18% protein and 5% fat.

Dog food with higher protein can help maintain lean muscle mass.
Make sure not to go too high in fat as the breed may tend to become obese once overfed.

Senior Boston Terriers

A senior Boston Terrier has a slower metabolism. So, you need to reduce its daily portion or you can change its dog food to a small-breed senior recipe.
Having a lifespan of 11 to 13 years, your Boston Terrier will reach senior status around 7 to 8 years.
It also needs a good amount of carbohydrates in its diet. Make sure they are easy to digest.


Health Conditions & Allergies

Some Boston Terrier is allergic to grains.
So, it is best to look for grain-free carbohydrates such as starchy veggies, legumes, and beans.

It is also best for beneficial supplements like chelated minerals and probiotics due to their sensitive stomach.

Giving your dog a premium-quality diet formulated for digestibility can help prevent such stomach problems.
Choose a dog food free from artificial additives and made of natural ingredients like premium animal proteins, grain-free carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

This breed is generally a healthy breed but has a shorter lifespan as compared to other breeds of the same size.
This could be due to the fact that they are prone to many health problems.

Some of the health problems Boston Terrier are prone to have are as follows:

  • Reverse Sneezing
  • Cherry Eye
  • Megaesophagus
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Corneal Ulcers
  • Glaucoma
  • Cataracts
  • Deafness
  • Allergies
  • Brachycephalic Syndrome

Boston Terriers are prone to various eye problems like cataracts, corneal ulcers, and cherry eye.
They are also prone to musculoskeletal muscle issues like patellar luxation a certain kind of joint problem.
It is a condition where the kneecap slips in and out of position, which causes pain and inflammation.

Keeping your pet dog healthy body weight is the best solution for this problem.
Choose a dog food that is rich in nutrients like chondroitin and glucosamine.

Brachycephalic syndrome is yet another health problem your Boston Terrier might have. It is common in short-faced breeds.
This syndrome can reduce heat tolerance and exercise aside from causing respiratory issues.

Other abnormalities under this category include elongated soft palate, collapsing trachea, and narrow nostrils.

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Dog Food

This Natural Balance LID Dry Food contains a limited list of premium protein and of good carbohydrate.
If you are looking for a grain-free diet that is formulated to maintain your dog’s digestive health as it supports healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Premium Quality Protein Source

This natural dog food contains salmon as its source of protein.
It has the essential amino acids that help maintain strong muscle tone and keep the coat healthy and shiny.

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet Dry Dog Food formulated to provide premium-quality nutrition for small adult breeds. For your sensitive pet dog, this is highly recommended.

Free From Artificial Colors or Flavors

Your pet dog will only get premium quality ingredients in LID Sweet Potato and Fish Dry Dog Formula by Natural Balance. It does not contain any harmful artificial flavors or colors.

Subjected to 9 Safety Tests

Each batch of this dog food is subjected to nine safety tests.
This will guarantee you that all products maintain premium quality ingredients.

Licensed chemists and microbiologists perform these tests.
The results are open for pet owners and can be accessed on the company website so they can verify if their pet dog is getting quality food.



  • Salmon is the main ingredient and is a good source of protein
  • Best for sensitive stomachs
  • Contains a good amount of amino acids and antioxidants
  • Provides better digestion
  • Contain easy to digest carbohydrates


  • A bit expensive as compared to other dog foods


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Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Mini Puppy Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin is a popular brand that most vet recommends.
They are one of the oldest brands that manufacture quality dog food.

They have been in the industry for 50 years.
If you prefer a reputable brand, you will be feeding your pet with recipes that are safe, approved and regulated by AACFO.

Easy-To-Absorb Proteins

Small dogs need more energy as compared to big dogs and they have more intense growth period.
Its easy-to-absorb proteins can support the energy it needs.

They normally live longer as compared to bigger dogs and have a sensitive appetite.

Royal Canin provides the specific needs of small dogs in every stage of their life.

Supports Immune System

Growing is the most essential stage in every dog’s life. It is during this time to make a big change, new encounters and discoveries.
Their immune system develops slowly during this stage.

Royal Canin Mini Puppy supports your puppy’s natural defences, thanks to its antioxidant content including vitamin E.

Supports Sensitive Digestive System

Royal Canin Size Health Dog Food is a combination of nutrients with prebiotics and high-quality protein.

They can support the digestive health; and balance the intestinal flora for better stool quality.

Tartar Fighting Properties

This dog food provides crunching fun and tartar-fighting properties to keep your dog’s teeth strong and healthy.
It is highly digestible and is gentle on sensitive stomachs.



  • Great tasting kibbles in bite size
  • Rich in protein
  • Easy to digest
  • Safe even for sensitive stomach
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Contains naturally sourced DHA


  • Not recommended for puppies that are sensitive to corn


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Nutro Puppy & Adult Wet Dog Food

Nutro is a popular brand and has been providing consumers with quality dog food for almost 90 years.

Pet owners love their natural ingredients and the flexibility of lines.

This dog food tastes great that your Boston Terrier will surely love.
For your puppy and adult pets, this is a good food choice for them.

Grain-Free Wet Dog Food

This dog food is formulated without gluten or grains. It is made with limited ingredients.
Since it is grain-free, Nutro is perfect for dogs with food intolerances and allergies.

It contains real meat and with 25% crude protein rate that is perfect for dogs that need an added burst of energy.

Also, the combination of real meat and lentils makes this dog food tastes really good.

Made of High-End Protein Sources

This dog food for Boston Terriers contains beef as its primary source of protein.

Nutro Puppy and Adult Wet Dog Food are made of real ingredients, with no fillers such as wheat, soy, chicken by-products or wheat.
It does not contain artificial colors, preservatives, and flavors.

Non-Genetically Modified Organism Ingredients (Non-GMO)

The ingredients are sourced from local suppliers and farmers. Produced from in-house facilities with natural ingredients from around the world.



  • It is formulated for small breeds
  • Healthy and tastes really good for your little ones
  • Priced reasonably
  • It does not contain artificial flavor, colors, and preservative
  • Promotes a shiny coat and strong bone
  • Gentle on stomach


  • The recipe deteriorates over time


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Nulo Adult Grain Free Salmon Dog Food

This protein-rich and nutrient-dense dog food formula are recommended for your Boston Terriers pet.
Some of the brand’s best features include low-carbs, chicken-free dog diets, patented probiotic formulation, and grain-free.

Above Average Protein Content

The Nulo Adult Grain Free Free Salmon Dog Food contains crude protein of about 30%.

Aside from having a good amount of protein, it also contains BC30 probiotic, it is low in carb.

It has small kibble made for every adult breed.
This makes sure your pet gets the nutrients needed for a long, active life.

Grain-Free Formulation

This dog food does not contain tapioca, potatoes, wheat, soy, GMOs or glutens.
It has no meat or poultry by-products, no preservatives, artificial flavoring or colors.

Their ingredients are sourced from the US.
Its lamb content comes from New Zealand and their duck is from Western Canada.
The vitamin C is from Scotland and taurine from Japan.

Promotes Healthy Coat and Muscles

Nulo contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids to help nourish your Boston Terrier’s skin and promote a shiny, lovely coat.



  • Safe for sensitive stomach
  • No fillers only good stuff
  • Keeps your pet energized all day long
  • Helps in muscle growth and brain function
  • Contains high-quality materials


  • A bit expensive as compared to others

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Only Natural Pet RawNibs Freeze Dried Food

The Only Natural Pet RawNibs provides many health benefits in a conveniently bite-size format.
Holistically formulated to imitate your pet’s natural diet.

This grain-free dried dog food features only freeze-dried ingredients.
They are never cooked, heated, steamed or extruded.
This can boost nutrition with lots of health benefits and amazing flavor.

Contains High-Quality Meat

Each bag contains the highest quality meats to keep the muscle and vital organ healthy.
They are grass-fed, cage-free chicken, wild caught salmon and cod and free-range beef and venison.
These ingredients are full of protein, essential fatty acids, digestive enzymes, and amino acids.

Complete and Balanced Meal

The extraordinary combination of raw ingredients in small bite-sized format makes RawNibs easy to feed.
Because of the mentioned features, it is a complete and balanced meal for your Boston Terrier.

Contains Unique Ingredients

The Only Natural Pet RawNibs contains fresh fruits and veggies such as sweet potatoes, broccoli, and apples.
They are a good source of vitamins sustained energy and antioxidants.
It is packed with probiotics because it contains organic goat’s milk for easy digestion, improved immune system, and healthy friendly bacteria.



  • With amazing taste favorable for your pet dog
  • A complete meal full of vitamins and minerals
  • It is concentrated, you can feed them even with small amount
  • Available in easy to swallow bite size
  • Much cheaper as compared to other dog food
  • With 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Fruits and veggies come from a non-organic source

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Final Thoughts

By this point, you already have an idea on what dog food to choose for your Boston Terrier.
Based on the reviews done on the top 5 dog food for Boston Terrier, we find Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Mini Puppy Dry Dog Food as the best.

It contains natural ingredients that are safe even for the pickiest stomach of a Boston Terrier.
The ingredients are approved by AAFCO so you are assured that your pet dog gets only the best nutrient and minerals.
Royal Canin is a trusted brand when it comes to dog food so you can never go wrong.

If you find this article helpful to you, feel free to share this with others or you can comment below.

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