Best Dog Food for Cairn Terriers – Keeping Your Pet Healthy

If you are in a rush and would only be interested in finding out what the best food for Cairn Terriers is,
we’d recommend Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult, Small Paws as the best one. 

Feeding your Cairn Terriers is easy. They needs a small amount of healthy and complete food to keep them healthy and happy.
The only problem is that they are sensitive and is prone to food allergies.

Thus, it is important that you choose quality food that contains the right amount of nutrients and ingredients to make sure he gets a good kibble.

To help you choose the best dog food for Cairn Terriers, we have written this buying guide and review for the following products:


Feeding Your Cairn Terrier Properly

The Cairn Terrier is also known as Toto. It is a small, hard-working terrier. It is raised to help Scottish farmers to get rid of the pests.

Thus, they need nutritious food to provide them the energy needed for their daily routine.

Check the Label

This breed is prone to food allergens like soy, corn and wheat.
Because of this, it is important that you look for quality food that contains meat listed as the first 3 ingredients.

Stay away from dog food that contains synthetic preservatives like BHT and BHA.
Your pooch’s large teeth help control plaque and tartar.

Frequency of Feeding

An adult Cairn Terrier should be fed twice a day.
Your pet terrier should eat between 1/2 and 2/3 cup a day.

Cairn Terriers with empty stomach may feel nauseated and may vomit.

Make sure your pet does not overeat as well.
One of the common problems is that it gains weight easily.

Use Stainless Steel Dish

It is safe to feed your Cairn Terrier using a stainless steel dish.
The container does not contain any chemicals.

It is easy to clean daily and just run it in the dishwasher.

Weigh Pup’s Weight Weekly

Weighing your pup’s weekly can help you determine the amount of food your Cairn Terrier’s needs.
You can use a weighing scale to weigh it or check your pet’s ribs.

Taking the average-sized adult hands and spanning its waist area is another way of checking your terrier’s weight.

Tips in Choosing Food For Cairn Terriers

Almost all dog food companies in the USA formulate products that meet that nutritional standards created by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

Make sure not to feed your Cairn Terrier dog food that does not the minimum standards.
You can check if they comply with the AAFCO by looking at the nutritional adequacy statement on the label.

Feed your dog with premium dog food that is manufactured with mostly meat. Some dog food companies use concentrated veggie proteins to lower the price.

Sad to say, non-meat proteins do not contain the essential amino acids needed by dogs.

You can see in the label the ingredients according to its weight content, the first one being the main or the heaviest ingredient. Thus, the first few ingredients make up most of the recipe. Pick premium foods that include good quality meats in the first few ingredients.

The first few ingredients should be an animal-based protein source (turkey, duck, beef, chicken, salmon, etc).

Things to Consider When Buying Cairn Terriers Food

Avoid Fillers

The first thing you need to check before buying dog food is the fillers.
As much as possible, avoid them.

Filler could be sugars, chemicals, artificial flavors and preservatives that do not have any nutritional benefit.
Check the label and the ingredients listed first.

Check the Product Details

Don’t forget to focus on the product details featured on the dog food label.
There are lots of brands for Cairn Terriers available in the market. They are categorized based on the dog’s age.

Senior dogs need various types of nutrients as compared to puppies.

How to Store the Dog Food

The manner of storing the dog food is also important. Some need to be stored in a cool place like in the refrigerator to prevent them from spoiling. Others are kept at room temperature in tightly sealed containers in a storage area.

Seal of Freshness

It is important to consider convenience in purchasing or ordering a particular brand of dog food.

Packaging plays a vital role in keeping your dog’s food bags with a seal that allows you to make sure the food is fresh once you open the package.

How Easy It Is to Find the Dog Food

The ease of finding the dog food is an important consideration to keep in mind.

You need to refill your supply right away, so your pet does not have to eat a different brand, as you wait for the regular supply to be delivered.


Nutro Wholesome Essentials Adult Dry Dog Food – Lamb & Rice

Made of Clean and Real Ingredients

Nutro Wholesome Essentials make sure that their product is made of real meats that are important for a Cairn Terrier’s diet.
The number one ingredient is a Pasteur-fed lamb to help support strong muscles.

It does not contain chicken by-product meal, wheat, soy protein, corn and does not contain artificial flavors, preservatives or colors.

Contains Natural Fiber

This natural adult dog food provides natural fiber.
This nutrient is important for healthy digestion and antioxidants, like vitamin E to boost the immune system, plus minerals, vitamins and other nutrients.

Contains Non-GMO Ingredients

This recipe is also made to promote healthy skin and keep the coat soft and shiny.

It also follows the Nutro Feed Clean philosophy which means it does not contain artificial colors, preservatives or flavors.

It may contain a small amount of modified material which may be present due to the possibility of contact during manufacturing.



  • Customer satisfaction
  • Keeps your pet more energetic
  • Tastes good
  • Holistic dog food ingredient


  • It contains a questionable ingredient
  • The label does not mention it contains probiotic

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Stella and Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Chewy’s Chicken

Contains Chicken Protein

This dog food is one of the many Stella and Chewy’s quality dog foods that take the whole prey approach.
This brand uses chicken protein in various forms.

The first three ingredients include the chicken ground with bone, chicken gizzard and chicken liver.

Its protein content is high enough to keep your Cairn Terrier healthy.

Rich in Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Aside from chicken protein, Stella and Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Dog Food contains organic fruits and veggies.
These ingredients are locally sourced, and all of them do not cause negative effects on dogs.

No Harmful Ingredients

This dog food contains no artificial colors, no filler, no hormones and no grains.

Fermentation and chelated minerals products are both present in this dog food for proper digestion and absorption.


This dog food has been freeze-dried to lock in the flavor and nutrition.



  • Available in two forms patties and morsel
  • Offers the nutritional benefits of raw food
  • Organic ingredients
  • Recommended for dogs with food allergies
  • Convenient to feed your dog


  • Should be introduced to your pet slowly

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Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult, Small Paws

Balanced Nutrition

It contains important ingredients in right proportions.
Its first ingredient is a chicken meal. This ingredient is the best source of phosphorus, vitamin B6, protein, and also a good source of Selenium and Niacin.

As long as your dog is not allergic to chicken this is a very good source of protein particularly for small dogs.
Protein supports bone and muscle strength.

Rich in Calcium

It contains the right amount of calcium needed by your body.
An excess of these nutrients can result in kidney disease and contribute to the bladder stones.

Made in USA

When it comes to dog food, the most trusted brands are usually manufactured in the US with ingredients you can trust.

Antioxidant Benefits

This product provides clinically proven antioxidant with vitamins E and C for better immunity for longer life.



  • It does not contain artificial flavors, preservatives or colors
  • This product also does not contain chicken by-products
  • Available in a resealable bag
  • Formulated by more than 220 vets, technicians, and nutritionists
  • Uses high-quality ingredients that include real-chicken, salmon and lamb


  • Pellets are not soft unlike others
  • Not grain free

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Royal Canin Health Nutrition Small Adult Dry Dog Food

Provides More Energy

Small dogs are usually more active than big dogs, thus they need more energy.

Also, they have a more intense growth period.
Smaller dogs are most likely to have a sensitive appetite but have a longer life as compared to bigger dogs.

The Royal Canin Health Nutrition for small dogs can provide the energy your little pets need.

Formulated for Small Dogs 10 Months to 8 Years

This Royal Canin dog food is made specifically for small dogs.
The nutrition it provides can make your little dogs healthy and alert all the time.

This is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of small breed adult dogs – since they require a higher amount of calories per pound of body weight, as compared to bigger dogs.

Contains L-Carnitine

Royal Canin Health Nutrition Dog Food for small dog contains L-Carnitine; which is essential in metabolizing fat to maintain the healthy weight of your Cairn Terrier.

It transports fatty acids that are vital for the cellular production of energy.
Deficiency of this nutrient can cause various health problems particularly those associated with heart disease.

Good Amount of EPA and DHA

EPA and DHA help your skin pet skin healthy and provides a shiny coat.
It is also helpful in keeping your pet dogs bone healthy and prevent osteoarthritis.



  • Ideal for small dogs
  • Rich in nutrients to keep your dogs healthy
  • Meet AAFCO standards
  • Contains essential vitamins
  • Contains real chicken meal which is a good source of protein


  • May contain a few amounts of fillers

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Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult

Great Tasting

One of the best tasting dog food that your Cairn Terrier would enjoy.
This dog food is also prepared to provide your dog with the nutrition needed for a happy long life.

Low Calories and L-Carnitine

L-Carnitine supports healthy mobility and maintains proper function.
It contains 19% calories as compared to other preparation. This will prevent weight gain and contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

Made in the US

This Hill Science Diet Adult Light Small and Toy Breed Dog Food have the ingredients you can trust because it is made in USA.

It does not contain any artificial colors, preservative or flavors.

Contains Good Amount of Vitamin C and E

This dog food contains antioxidant that will support a healthy immune system.

The main source of antioxidants for dogs is a complete and balanced diet that is made from good quality ingredients.

Some of the powerful antioxidants are vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, selenium and carotenoids.


  • Easy to digest
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Keeps coat and skin healthy
  • Great tasting dog food


  • A bit expensive
  • Contain some grain

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After reviewing 5 of the best dog foods for Cairn Terriers, we find the Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult, Small Paws as our top pick. It is safe even for the most sensitive dog. This will help your pet dog to avoid the risk of allergies because it is grain-free.

It contains high-quality food that will keep your pets energetic and healthy.
With the right amount of calcium in this food, your pet can have healthy bones.

If you find this best dog food for Cairn Terrier review helpful feel free to share this with others.

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