Best Dog Food for Cane Corso – What Makes Them Healthy and Happy

If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best dog food for Cane Corso is, then we’d recommend Purina ONE SmartBlend Natural Dry Dog Food as the best one!

Tracking the Cane Corso history, this large breed mastiff was originated in Italy. They are one of the powerful, athletic dogs that require a high-quality diet. It is not easy to find the right dog food for your pet dog. To make it easier for you, we have reviewed five of the best dog food for your Cane Corso.


In this article, we’re going to review the following dog food for Cane Corso:


Things You Need to Know About Cane Corso

The word large breed mastiff was originated in Italy. This breed is highly valued in Italy as a guard dog and a companion dog. It is also called an Italian Mastiff. Corsi usually weighs more than 100 pounds having a large head, muscles rippling underneath their coat, and possess an alert expression. Their looks are their first line of defense against their enemies.
Cane Corso is loyal, versatile, intelligent, eager to please and friendly kind of dog. This breed has been recorded in since 1996. Corsi has a short, coarse, and thick coat which makes it almost waterproof.
Corsi needs to do their daily exercise. Walking or running at least a mile every morning and at night will help them tone their muscles and sustain their health. You can do your activities along with them.
The breed can do well on high-quality dog food. It does not matter if it is commercially manufactured or personally prepared by you. Some dogs are prone to getting overweight, and Cane Corso is one of them, so be careful about their calorie consumption and monitor their weight level. Keep in mind that weight has a direct impact on their health. You must know what is best for them and what is not.

What the Best Cane Corso Food Should Contain

Corsi is as big as the Neopolitan Mastiff, but they are regarded in the ancient world as the great war dog. When buying for Cane Corso dog food, it is essential to focus on the following:

The First Ingredient

Dog food that is complete with essential amino acids that is very beneficial for your Cane Corso. It’s because of this why you should choose a dog food that contains animal protein as its first ingredient, and not carbohydrates.
Giant breeds, including Corsi, are prone to bloating. It is one of the reasons why you should not give them dog food with carbs as the first ingredient. The ingestion of gas-forming foods causes bloating. If in case the dog food you choose has carbs as its main ingredient you are inducing bloat in your pet.

Right Amount of Calorie Content

The calorie content is essential. It should be high enough to feed your Cane Corso fewer servings to reduce bloating. For instance, you are deciding between a dog food with 500 calorie and 300 calories, which one will you choose?
Buy the one with 500 calories since a single serving of this is equal to one and two-thirds cup of the 300 calorie recipe. It only means that you need to feed more of the latter to reach the same amount of calories for your pet.
It is also essential that proteins supply calories. Be very careful so you will not court bloating to your Cors0. It is also vital that you understand your pet’s activity levels. A less active pet dog needs fewer calories as compared to the hyperactive one.

Easy to Digest Ingredients

Look for a dog food that contains easy to digest ingredients. You might be wondering how you will know this. Dog formula with high-quality animal proteins is easy to digest. Fiber is not easily absorbed, but needed in releasing the food particles through the intestinal tract. The easy to digest ingredients can help reduce upsetting your Corsi’s stomach.

Does Not Contain Artificial Ingredients, Allergenic Grains, and Filler-Free

Stay away from dog formula that contains allergenic grains such as wheat gluten, soy, corn, and wheat. These ingredients can result in hypersensitivity reactions in your Corso. Make sure the dog food you choose does not contain artificial ingredients like colorings, flavor additives, and preservatives.

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Top 5 Best Dog Food For Cane Corso Product Reviews

Chicken Soup for the Soul Chicken, Turkey, & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food

Diamond Pet Foods manufactures this dog food. The company is one of the biggest makers of pet food in the USA. With regard to natural pet food products, this is one of the more affordable dog food in the market.

Real Chicken is the First Ingredient

We have discussed earlier that good dog food should contain all the essential amino acids. Since Chicken Soup for the Soul Dog Formula contains real chicken as its number ingredient, it is considered as one of the foods for your Cane Corso. Real chicken is rich in proteins that include the essential amino acids.

No Fillers, Artificial Flavor and Preservatives

Each pack of Chicken Soup contains only the best ingredients for your Corso. It does not contain artificial flavors or preservatives, wheat, soy, and corn. It contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids to have healthy skin and a shiny coat.



  • Taste good as compared to other dog foods
  • Contains only natural ingredients
  • Support healthy digestion
  • Nourishes brain and vision development
  • Keeps Corso’s skin and coat healthy



  • It should have contained more protein


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Nutro Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Small Bites

This small bites grain-free dog food has the flavor and texture your dogs will surely love. The ingredients are limited and contain only the needed nutrients. This dog formula features only grain-free, natural, and healthy ingredients.

Completely Grain-Free

Nutro Limited Ingredient Dog Food is a nutritious and tasty formula recommended for the highly sensitive digestive system. This dog food does not contain grain, corn, and wheat, which makes it perfect for large breeds with such issues. Along with natural flavors, vitamins, mineral, and other nutrients your pet dog needs, this dog food contains ten key ingredients.

Designed as a Stand-Alone Food

This dog formula can be feed in combination with other wet food or as a stand-alone food. You might have been mixing various dog formula to encourage your pet to eat. With Nutro Limited Ingredient Dog Food, your dog will surely enjoy the taste and texture of every kibble.



  • GMO, dairy, soy, chicken , and corn free
  • Contains omega-3 for a shiny and healthy coat
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Contains natural flavors
  • Recommended for dogs with allergies and sensitive tummies



  • It is darker as compared to regular kibbles


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Eukanuba Adult Dry Dog Food Chicken – Large Breed

Your Cane Corso requires extraordinary nutrition to become more active and perform at their best. The Eukanuba Adult Dry Dog Food fueled your Corsi’s body, energy, and mind. This dog food is complete and with balanced nutrition for bigger breeds 15 months and up, and weighs more than 55 pounds.

Contains Chondroitin and Glucosamine

With Eukanuba Adult Dry Dog Food, your joints and bones are protected. This dog formula contains chondroitin and glucosamine that is very helpful in keeping the muscle lean and joints healthy. It also contains DHA and vitamin E that support healthy brain function to help keep your dog stay sharp. The dog foods the optimal level of carbs and fats can help fuel the active lifestyle of your Corso.

With 3D Dental Defense

Eukanuba has 3D Dental Defense feature that reduces tartar buildup to keep the gums and teeth clean and healthy. It contains natural fiber and prebiotic that will help in digestion to keep your Corso feeling healthy. The chicken content is the first ingredient to boost your big dog’s day.



  • Available in various sizes
  • Rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
  • Clinically proven DHA level dog formula
  • Keeps the teeth strong and healthy
  • Priced reasonably



  • It offers a limited number of flavors


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Purina ONE SmartBlend Natural Dry Dog Food

Purina is one of the leading brands when it comes to the dog food industry. They are known for manufacturing the best dog food for over 85 years. The Purina One Smarblend for large breed contains the best ingredients and formula for your Corso. Its number one ingredient is meat so you can assure that your pet will get the right amount of protein.

Real Chicken as #1 Ingredient

One of the qualities of the best dog food is having real meat as their first ingredient. The Purina One has real chicken as its number one ingredient which makes it ideal for your Cane Corso. It has the unique combination of protein-rich meaty morsels and crunchy kibble, providing the texture and taste your pet will surely not resist.
Supports Strong Muscles

This high-quality dry dog food is formulated to help maintain a healthy body and joint health. Its high protein content helps support their strong muscles, and that includes the heart. Purina One Dog Food does not contain any fillers, which makes this food ideal for your Corso.



  • Does not contain any filler
  • Easy on digestion
  • Supports healthy muscles and heart
  • Contains glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy bones and joints



  • Those who have a sensitive stomach may experience stomach upset


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Nutro Essentials Natural Dry Dog Food

Large breed dogs do require proper nutrition to become healthy, active, and fit. They need nutrients, lots of vitamins and minerals, and some other supplements that support the healthy joints. This dog food is the best choice designed to help the well-being of a large breed of dogs like Cane Corso with the right amount of calories.

Farm-Raised Chicken is the First Ingredient

Nutro Essentials Natural Dog Food for large breeds contain the right amount of protein needed to keep their muscles strong. It provides enough protein for active large breed dogs enough to sustain the energy they need for their daily activities.

Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

This dog food contains brown rice, sweet potato, flaxseed, blueberries, whole grain sorghum, peas, apples, lamb meal, and others. These ingredients provide all the needed vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants to help your pet dog remain healthy and happy. It also has chondroitin and glucosamine, which keeps their bones and joints healthy.


  • Complete with balanced nutrition
  • Supports bone and joints health
  • Contains the right amount of protein
  • Has the recommended amount of calorie
  • Enriched with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants



  • The kibbles are bit larger than usual


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Final Thoughts

Keep in mind when shopping for food for your dog, you mustn’t look just on the marketing claims of the brand. Instead, make sure that you check the list of ingredients carefully. After reviewing the above products, we find Purina ONE SmartBlend Natural Dry Dog Food as the best option.
This brand is known for almost a century in providing the best food for your pet dog. It is a high-quality dog food that offers not just one component, but all the nutrition needed to keep your pet live longer and healthy.
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