Best Dog Food For Greyhounds – For Your Puppy, Adult & Senior Pooch

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Greyhounds are beautiful, tall, sleek and athletic!
As a sweet-tempered dog, they are a fascination for a lot of people especially in the art world.The Greyhound is an ancient breed that has a history of at least a few thousand years. They were famous for coursing and rabbit hunting games. Thanks to their aerodynamic bodies and shock absorbing feet, they could reach speeds of more than 40 miles an hour, claiming the top place as one of the fastest mammals.
They are calm and great family dogs with a life expectancy of 10 to 13 years. As other dog breeds, they need exercise to get rid of boredom.
Make sure they’re on the leash because the urge of chasing prey like small animals is so strong that you have to beat them at the speed of 40 miles per hour to get them back.

In the United States, there are two types of Greyhounds. Greyhounds that are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) or National Greyhound Association (NGA).
NGA use Greyhounds for racing.

People adopt them as pets when they are retired from racing competition. Most of them are 2 to 4 years of age when they retire. If getting a puppy is something you like, then you may get an AKC Greyhound.


We will be reviewing the following best dog food for Greyhounds:

Greyhound Puppy Food

Best Senior Greyhound Diets

Best Dog Foods for Greyhound with Skin Allergies and Sensitive Stomachs

Best Dog Foods For Overweight Greyhound



Why Are Quality Food Important To Your Greyhound?

As svelte dogs that move fast, Greyhounds are prone to joint problems if they put on weight. Good quality food will have an ideal amount of protein and calories. These calories are useful for keeping your Greyhound’s muscle mass and fat ration balanced.

Skin issues and allergies are common in some dogs, too. Quality foods contain no added fillers that can cause your Greyhound’s skin to itch. You might end up paying more to the vet if you choose low quality dog food that does not provide the necessary nutrients for your pooch!

What To Look For In A Good Quality Dog Food For Greyhounds?

Greyhounds will thrive on high meat-based diets because of their protein and fat requirements. For most dogs, protein and fat should be the staple ingredients in a diet. Do bear in mind that not all protein and fat are similar.
For an ideal dog food for Greyhounds, they should come from good sources for your healthy pooch.


How important is protein? According to the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), 22% protein is the basic requirement for a growing puppy; while 20% is ideal for adult dogs. Of course, most top quality dog foods will exceed these requirements.

A good quality protein source depends on its amino acid profile. It should contain all essential amino acids in ratios suitable for your dogs. So, animal proteins are better than those of plants. Because the muscle tissues from other animals are very close to those of your dogs.

The best practice is to choose dog foods that contain at least two or three meat proteins as the main ingredients. Whole meats and meat meals are good sources. Whole meats are such as a whole chicken, turkey, fish, salmon, tuna etc.
Meat meals are a concentrated form of meat with moisture removed. So, they have more protein than a whole meat. Meat meals are rather acceptable as main ingredients in quality dog food.



Fat is important but it should be from a high quality whole source such as fish or salmon. It should be at least 8% in a puppy’s diet and 5% for adult Greyhounds.
Healthy fat is useful for preventing injuries in dogs. The right blend of fat with protein could energize your Greyhound throughout the day!

Some fat-soluble vitamins are ideal in its diet. There are bad quality fat just like protein. Always look for known fat sources such as chicken fat and fish oil.
The latter one provides omega-3 fatty acid for a healthy and shiny coat.
For puppies, Omega-3 fatty acid provides Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) that supports brain and eye development.

On the other hand, senior dogs reap benefits from medium chain triglycerides that has medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs). Dogs will feel and behave much younger. You can find them from the mix of coconut oil with other oils.



On average, an active 70-pound adult dog needs around 1740 calories as its daily caloric intake. Sprayed, neutered and senior dogs may need less calories.
In comparison, a young 70-pound Greyhound adult needs approximately 1876 calories each day. This amount changes if it is less active or smaller in size.


Fruits and Vegetables1

Studies have shown that dogs are carnivores. However, fruits and vegetables provide important vitamins, minerals and fiber for your Greyhound’s immune system and digestion.

Some dog owners feed their dog a raw diet instead. However, you should consult your vet before switching as it is a complicated process.


Two puppy greyhounds

What To Avoid In Your Greyhound’s Dog Food?

Meat by-products are some common allergens to dogs. They don’t have much value compared to quality protein. Their main purpose is to make your pooch feel full and cut costs. Most of the time, they only provide empty calories that add up to extra weight.

Both corn and soy are popular additives in cheap dog foods. They could cause allergies. In the wild, dogs do not eat these ingredients. Doing so will lead to taking too many calories rather than necessary nutrients.

If you want to go for dog foods that are free from corn, soy and wheat, your Greyhound may eat other grains or cereal like rice, barley and oats.
For a grain free diet, you may find sweet potatoes as an alternative source of carbohydrates.

Besides, vegetables like potatoes and legumes could potentially cause allergies if eaten too much. There are reports of dogs suffering from an uncommon condition known as “canine dilated cardiomyopathy” (DCM). This is due to eating a lot of potatoes and legumes. Of course, researchers are still in a vague trying to discover the cause.
For example, Beneful by Purina and OI Roy are a budget dog food that contains the no-go ingredients that we mentioned. Kibbles n Bits includes corn as the first ingredients for most of the products.


What Is The Best Food For The Greyhound?

It has been a never-ending debate what the “best” food is. There are arguments over prescription diets, grain free, vet formulae, holistic, gluten free, no-by products, no corn, no fillers and the list goes on.
So, there’s no perfect dog food and choose what’s best for your hound that suits your budget.

However, do not feed low quality foods. Being affordable does not mean cheap quality.

So, what is the best dog food?

Every dog is unique. Dogs in the same breed will have different food requirements, too. For example, some pooches might need more calories than others while some would thrive on more protein or fat.
We have suggested some good quality dog foods for your Greyhound but you may have to keep trying to find the one that best suits your fido!

When it comes to trying a new food, please allow a few days for your dog to slowly transition into it. You can do so by mixing old food throughout the transition period. By doing so, you can see if your dog likes the food or show any small signs of intolerance. If yes, then you may consider making adjustments. For example, if it eats the food but you don’t like the condition of its coat after a couple of weeks, you can revert it back to the previous food gradually. Because going straight onto another food could upset your pooch’s gastrointestinal system.

When your dog is settled with its old dog food, you may start the adventure of trying another new food. To allow your dog’s system to rest and recover, it’s best to wait for at least a few weeks before trying a new food.

You should always observe and assess your dog’s physical conditions with the food that it’s currently on.

Your Greyhound will show signs that tell you the food is right for it!:

  • Weight gain or loss
  • Shiny or dull coat
  • Bright or tired eyes
  • Good or low energy
  • Firm or soft stools
  • New behavioral issues


Dietary And Nutritional Needs For Greyhounds

By standards, the Greyhound weighs between 60 for a small female to 88 pounds for a large male. They stand at a height of 27 (female) to 30 inches tall.

They do not need lots of exercise because they are known for sprinting to catch prey rather than endurance exercise. On the other hand, a Greyhound puppy is active and destructive. So, it’s important for it to have a way of releasing its energy. For example, dog owners can give it a lot of room to run and play during its growth.
Both growing puppies and young adults require good quality protein diet for energy supply.


Health problems For Greyhounds

Greyhounds are not prone to dysplasia like other athletic dogs. However, these are the health conditions you should keep an eye on:

  • Bloat
  • Musculoskeletal Issues
  • Skin Allergies
  • Heart Issues
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Anesthesia Sensitivity



Since Greyhounds are a barrel-chested breed, they are at risk for bloat. This is a life-threatening health problem, unlike the human bloat. Their stomach will fill up with air and twist, causing a lot of pain. If not treated in time, it will cause death.

Scientists have yet found out what the main causes of bloat are but there are some ideal practices that we can do to prevent bloat from happening.

To prevent bloat, you should:

  • Feed your Greyhound meals in smaller portions throughout the day to reduce the possibility.
  • Feed nutritious food so you don’t need to feed them as much of it.
  • Make sure your Greyhounds eat slowly for better digestion.
  • Avoid heavy exercise right after meals


Musculoskeletal Issues

Many Greyhounds are known for racing. Due to the demanding physical requirements for this activity, they are very likely to have hip and joint problems or worse still, osteoarthritis when they get older.

Most quality dog foods blend with supplements to help prevent or reduce the problems. Whenever you buy dog food for the Greyhound, look for glucosamine and chondroitin. They are good for healthy joints and joint tissues. For stronger bones, calcium is a great mineral.

With the right content of protein, it supports muscle growth and repair for Greyhounds. This can also prevent straining joints and bones while maintaining an ideal weight as they age.


Skin Allergies

Greyhounds are at high risk of chronic skin allergies due to their coat that provides very little protection.

It would make matters worse if food allergies comes into play as well. So, it would be wise to opt for dog food without fillers and additives. Of course, it’s always best to refer to your veterinarian for professional opinions, especially related to food sensitivity.


Heart Issues

Greyhounds are prone to a murmur because of their large heart. Protein and healthy fats can help support their heart. Controlling their weight with proper exercise is an ideal way to maintain heart health.

Nutritious foods could prevent your pooch from getting too many empty calories.



It is also known as thyroid deficiency.

It can cause:

  • Dermatologic disorders,
  • Reproductive abnormalities,
  • Lethargy
  • Mental dullness
  • Obesity
  • Slow heart rate
  • Muscle and nerve dysfunction


According to Dr. Jean Dodds, expert on thyroid blood panels, misdiagnosis of thyroid conditions in Greyhounds is common. Greyhounds normally run low in thyroid so the single thyroid test is not accurate and a full thyroid panel that include all 4 tests should be run instead.

Quality foods do not perform miracles but rather act like an alleviation of Greyhounds’ thyroid problems.


Anesthesia Sensitivity

Although it’s not a health issue, it’s worth noting that the minimal body fat in Greyhounds makes them very sensitive to anesthesia. The wrong does of it could kill your Greyhound. This is something your veterinarian should know.

Greyhounds are prone to Osteosarcoma and spleen cancer, too. You may protect your dog by feeding it food with more natural ingredients like many dog owners do. This can keep their immune system strong. Avoiding food irritants like corn, soy and wheat would help.
In fact, the most common dog food allergens are beef, dairy products and chicken. They cause more food allergies compared to corn, soy and wheat. Most importantly, avoid feeding your Greyhounds with foods that contain artificial colors, sweeteners and preservatives. Sweeteners like xylitol that are present in sugar free chewing gum is fatal to dogs.

Read more about Greyhound health information here.


Feeding Guide For Greyhounds

Whenever feeding, it’s best to be at regular times and portions that your veterinarian recommends. Also, read the food bag label what portion it recommends, if any.

According to The Greyhound Pets of America Organization, the daily recommended feeding is a follows:

Puppies: Ask for advice from your veterinarian because their body composition change rapidly. 3 meals day

Less than 60 pounds: 3 cups of high quality kibble each day
More than 60 pounds: 4 cups of high quality kibble each day

Adults usually have 2 meals a day.
Feeding recommendations may be different if your Greyhound has weight problems.
For an inactive Greyhound, your vet may reduce the feeding amount whereas a pregnant or lactating dog would have her meal size increased.

Senior Dogs:
Stick to how you have been feeding it. You may need your vet to help you readjust the amount from time to time. Adding supplements like glucosamine could help with joint health.

Greyhounds have very little body fat. So, top quality food could maintain their health whether or not they are engaging in athletic activities.
They are svelte dogs and need food to build healthy muscle and bone while supplying them with energy at the same time.

As a large-sized adult, it’s essential to feed Greyhound puppies a large breed puppy food. The growth plates for some bones in a large breed will continue to grow for the first two years. So, food for slow growth is the way to go because it will help prevent joint problems. Also, the calcium to phosphorus ratio in the food is important. Both protein and calories intake should be slightly lower for a slow growth.
Some popular dog foods that are high in protein or free from grains are not helpful for puppies due to the wrong ratio of calcium to phosphorus. Only switch to adult dogs when your puppy has reached 90% of an adult size.

It could be tempting to fatten your Greyhound up with extra food. They have low body fat naturally and a lean appearance. So, they have leaner muscle mass and higher creatine or creatinine levels compared to other dogs. Creatine acts as an energy supply to cells and muscles for building bodily muscle mass. Just feed Greyhounds will an ideal amount of food without overfeeding.
We do not suggest free feeding because this will make your Greyhound put on extra weight, too.

Every dog is different. So, it’s best to follow your vet’s advice because feeding frequencies and portions depend on many factors such as the Greyhound’s size, life stage, physical activities, health conditions and so on.


Adult Greyhound Portrait Photo

Frequently Asked Questions For Greyhounds:

What If My Greyhound Is Picky?

Before jumping into the conclusion, it’s important to make sure if your dog has any underlying health problems that you do not know. This could affect its appetite.

If it is a perfectly healthy pooch, then try these tricks:

  • Do not free feed. This will make your Greyhound wait and become curious when meal time is by creating scarcity.
  • Do not feed human food. This will make them want to eat their own food less. Most human food could cause allergies as well. Use dog food suitable for Greyhounds instead.
  • Add topper or wet food to intensify the taste and smell.


Should I Feed My Greyhound Grain Free Dog Food?

There isn’t a conclusive research that proves grains are harmful. But if your dog does show signs of sensitivity to them, then it is wise to switch to a limited ingredient dog food. This can rule out what causes allergies in the first place.



Best Dog Food for Greyhounds

Merrick Backcountry Raw Infused Great Plains Red Recipe

This meat-heavy dry food meets the protein requirement for Greyhounds. It comes with no common allergies or food additives, making sure your Greyhound have a healthy weight.

Merrick Backcountry contains an ancestral dog diet that is grain free and all natural. It means, this diet help avoiding grain-related issues like gluten intolerances, chronic skin conditions and stomach distress.

Besides, this protein-based diet promotes healthier stools and optimal nutrient absorption because the food is highly digestible. Unlike grains and carbohydrates, they are rather difficult to break down.

Its quality animal protein does not only support healthy growth and development, but also increase your Greyhound’s energy level. This is one of the best dog good for Greyhounds worth considering.



  • Rich in animal protein with deboned beef as the first ingredient
  • Natural fats and amino acids for healthier skin and coat
  • More nutrient dense for easy weight management
  • Gluten free
  • Contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
  • Added glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy joints
  • Ingredients sourced in the USA



  • Would be nice to have plant-based protein, too


>>Check Price on Amazon<<

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken

If you are familiar with Blue Buffalo’s grain free dog food range, it comes with LifeSource Bits that has a blend of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. This can support your Greyhound’s immune system, life stage requirements and oxidative balance.

It promotes the natural ancestral diet of Greyhounds without adding additives, artificial colors, preservatives and allergens into it.

Plus, with calcium in the food, it is good for your Greyhound’s bone health.
The top ingredients are deboned chicken, chicken meal, peas, pea protein and tapioca starch.

With its protein-rich real meat instead of chicken by-product meal as a common allergen, this is a good quality food.

By using healthy complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes, peas and potatoes, you pooch will have a consistent energy level compared to corn can provide.



  • Protein-rich diet
  • No additives, preservatives or colorings
  • A blend of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals
  • Grain free
  • Affordable price



  • Some dogs might not like the taste


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ORIJEN Dry Dog Food, Original, Biologically Appropriate & Grain Free

Orijen dry dog food contains high protein for dogs like Greyhounds that have greater muscle mass and low body fat. This premium adult dog food resembles a raw diet.

This grain-free dog food is suitable for Greyhounds of all life stages.

It contains protein sources from free-run chicken, turkey, cage-free eggs and fish (herring and flounder) that makes up for 85% of the content. The other 15% is fruits and vegetables.
The whole prey ratios of fresh meat, organs and cartilage or bone are nutrients that your dog needs for health maintenance.

Plus, it is relatively low in carbohydrates as it does not contain any grains, potatoes and GMO ingredients.

This package of “Biologically Appropriate” food is manufactured in the USA. The term means the food can nourish dogs the way nature intended.

Their promise of never outsourcing can maintain the quality control of this product to ensure the safety of dogs eating it.



  • Quality animal protein sources
  • Free from synthetic additives
  • “Biologically Appropriate” food for your dogs to thrive
  • Suitable for all life stages
  • Fruits and vegetables for health supplement



  • A bit pricy
  • Smells fishy
  • No plant protein


>>Check Price on Amazon<<


Greyhound Puppy Food

Nutro Wholesome Essentials Natural Puppy Dry Dog Food

Nutro is a reputable company making pet food since 1926.
This dry dog food for Greyhound puppies contains whole chicken with complex carbohydrates like brown rice. To support the needs of a growing puppy, it uses the right levels of protein and fats. This can provide it with energy without causing rapid growth.

As a common premium food, it does not have harmful fillers nor artificial ingredients.

Minerals like phosphorus and calcium helps build stronger bones and keep the coat healthy.

The top 5 ingredients in this package are chicken, whole brown rice, chicken meal, chicken fat and split peas.

This company uses wholesome quality ingredients for your Greyhound’s overall good health.



  • Affordable price tag
  • USA made
  • Contains minerals like phosphorous and calcium
  • Free from synthetic flavours, colors, preservatives or additives



  • Might cause funny tummies at first
  • Some fussy eaters do not like it


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Solid Gold Wolf Cub Bison & Oatmeal Puppy Formula Dry Dog Food

Solid Gold has been in the pet food manufacturing business for over 40 years.
They were America’s first holistic pet food. They are known for clean, high-quality proteins with superfoods.

This formula is ideal for large breed puppies like the Greyhound with the balanced nutrition including calcium for controlled growth and healthy bone development.

Real bison meat without fillers will make your Greyhound crave for the food. It also means that this recipe is allergy free.

Plus, it has 20 superfoods like:

  • Pumpkin for good digestion
  • Blueberries for antioxidants
  • Cranberries for a healthy urinary tract and immune system
  • Apples for overall healthy and well-being with its phytonutrients
  • Almond oil for a healthy skin and coat
  • Broccoli is rich in B vitamins for energy production
  • Carrots are rich in beta carotene for eye health



  • Real bison meat
  • Free from artificial ingredients
  • Contains fiber-rich prebiotics
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Contains superfoods
  • Free from corn, wheat and soy as possible allergens
  • Good for tummies



  • Cheap fillers like peas


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Instinct By Nature’s Variety Raw Boost Puppy Formula

Instinct Raw Boost Dry Dog Food has a good combination of high protein and grain-free kibble for your Greyhound puppy’s health.

Free-run chicken is their main ingredient to provide optimal energy for growth and play.

This puppy food comes in freeze dried raw pieces form that has enriched calcium and phosphorus for strong teeth and bones.

Besides, its natural DHA is great for both brain and eye growth of your little pooch.
The recipe is free from grains, potatoes, corn, wheat, soy, by-product meals, synthetic colors and preservatives. So, you can feed your dog with relief.

With minimal process, this food contains non-GMO fruits and vegetables for your dog’s health.

Minimally processed, all-natural, protein-packed bites of real meat and non-GMO fruits and vegetables.



  • Cage free chicken as main ingredients
  • Balanced mix of poultry, fish and meat
  • DHA from chicken eggs for brain and eye growth
  • Contains probiotics and omegas for a complete and balanced nutrition
  • Does not contain grains, potatoes, corn, wheat and soy
  • Made in the USA
  • Contains calcium and phosphorus
  • Interesting texture to encourage puppies to eat



  • Ingredients not from the USA
  • Possibly loose stools at first


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Best Senior Greyhound Diets

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Senior Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

As senior dogs, their activity levels reduce, so this grain-free senior dog food can prevent them from unnecessary weight gain. Without grains, it will not upset your senior Greyhound’s stomach while proving the energy that it needs.

The fist main ingredients are deboned chicken, chicken meals, peas, pea protein and pea starch.

This dog food is free from any synthetic colors, preservatives and flavors.
Fruits and vegetables provide antioxidants your dog needs.
It also contains sweet potatoes to release carbohydrates slowly without overloading your dog’s body system to ensure constant energy release.

Its formula is suitable for dog breeds of all sizes and types, too.



  • Mix of meat and plant-based proteins
  • Grain free
  • Free from fillers, artificial flavors, colors and preservatives
  • Slow release of carbohydrates



  • Contains peas as cheap filler
  • 24-pound bag as largest pack


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American Journey Chicken & Brown Rice Protein First Recipe Senior Dry Dog Food

American Journey’s Senior Dry Dog Food contains whole deboned chicken as lean source of energy to keep muscles strong and healthy despite the age.

It also contains antioxidants for a healthy brain and immune system while Omega fatty acids maintain the high brain activity levels.

American Journey Chicken & Brown Rice Protein First Recipe Senior Dry Dog Food

This recipe also contains glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health and mobility.
You can feed your this dog food to your Greyhound with assurance does not have artificial colors or flavors.

With nutrient-dense ingredients like sweet potatoes, carrots and kelp:
Sweet potatoes as a source of complex carbs for sustained energy
Carrots as naturally occurring vitamin for eye health
Kelp is rich in trace minerals, phytonutrients and omega-3 fatty acids.



  • Real chicken as main ingredient to support healthy ageing
  • Antioxidant blend
  • Nutrient-dense ingredients for overall health maintenance
  • Contains Glucosamine and chondroitin
  • Free from wheat, corn and soy
  • Contains no artificial preservatives, colors or artificial flavors



  • It has a strange scent
  • Some picky eaters might not like the taste


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Best Dog Foods for Greyhound with Skin Allergies and Sensitive Stomachs

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Dog Food – Sweet Potato & Venison Formula

Natural Balance has been creating premium dog and cat foods based on sound nutritional science since 1989.
This dog food for Greyhounds uses a limited list of premium protein and carbohydrate sources for your dog’s specific needs.

The two main ingredients are venison and sweet potatoes:
Venison provides essential amino acids for strong muscle tone and a healthy coat.
Sweet potatoes are a highly digestible energy source that provides premium quality carbohydrate and potassium

By using simple formulae, your pooch is less likely to have food sensitivities while promoting healthy digestion at the same time.

This grain-free recipe is able to support your dog’s digestive health while ensuring healthy skin and a shiny coat.



  • Simple ingredients to reduce likelihood of sensitivities
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Grain free recipe
  • Vitamin and mineral fortified
  • Supports healthy skin and shiny coat.
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.
  • Complete, balanced nutrition
  • Good for skin allergies



  • Only suitable for adult dogs


>>Check Price on Amazon<<


Best Dog Foods For Overweight Greyhound

Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food Reduced Fat

It’s not a good idea to use a weight control dog food for a puppy or a senior dogs including Greyhounds. Please consult your veterinarian before making the decision.
Because this type of dog food for Greyhounds has fewer calories and may not have the necessary nutrients for growing puppies or ageing dogs.

However, if your adult Greyhound needs to lose some weight, then Wellness Core Grain Free Reduced Fat Formula is the right product for it.
It is high in protein and low in fat, which is 25% less protein than the original Wellness Core Formula.
The main protein ingredients are deboned turkey, turkey meal and chicken meal.

Remember: You should proceed slowly with the weight loss plan without crash dieting. Your Greyhound should not lose more than 3-5% of its body weight monthly or 1% per month. Just like humans, starving to lose weight is a bad idea. Coupled with regular exercise, you will see great results.



  • Fewer calories for weight loss purposes
  • Gluten free and grain free
  • Rich in antioxidants and omega fatty acids
  • Contains glucosamine and probiotics
  • Free from corn, wheat and soy



  • Dogs might have slightly softer stools
  • Bag not resealable

>>Check Price on Amazon<<



Specific dog food for your Greyhounds can help maintain health. If you have adopted a Greyhound with a racing background, you may need to care more for its bone and joint health. Follow advice from your vet so that it can have a happy and healthy life.

Be it a new Greyhound puppy or a retired one, they are a wonderful companion. We hope that the information that we have provided for the best dog food for greyhounds are useful for you.

Feel free to leave a comment below to tell us more about your Greyhound! Thanks for reading!

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