5 Best Dog Food for Maltipoo You Should Consider Buying

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As a dog lover, the crossbreed you would probably want to have is a Maltipoo. This cute little creature is a cross between a Maltese and a Poodle. One of its distinguishing characteristics is that they are small with white or light coats.


In this article, we’re going to review the following products:


Just like other breeds, you need to feed them the right kind of food to keep them healthy, active and live longer. We have written this buying guide to help you find the best dog food for Maltipoo.


Essential Facts You Need to Know About Maltipoo

First and foremost, Maltipoo was created to provide a safe dog companion for allergy sufferers. You might be wondering, how it can be safe for those with allergy problems with furry pets. We would like to make it clear, Maltipoos have hair and not fur. Therefore, they are non-shedding and hypoallergenic. Maltipoo is not yet recognized as a true breed, but there are some organizations that you can join to help you in taking care of your pet. Below are some important facts that can help you in determining the best dog food for Maltipoo:

Physical Appearance

Maltipoo weighs around 5-12 pounds. If you compare it to other breeds, it is heavier. Its because this breed is a new hybrid dog. It will not be a big factor in the past as time goes by.

The average height of Maltipoo ranges from 12 to 16 inches.

Dog of this breed has a longer life expectancy up to 15 years. Others may live up to 18 years and in rare instances even longer.

One of the interesting features of Maltipoos is their colors. They can be in a metaphorical rainbow of colors. The combination of the pure white color of Maltese and the various colors of Poodle, the resulting crossbreed may have toned down coat color that ranges from apricot, blue, black, gray, cream, red, tan, silver and brown. Some Maltipoos are multi-colored others are pure white.

Their hair will be either silky and soft or long and wavy. Some may have a wiry coat if they are not bred well.

The Best Way to Feed Your Maltipoo

To keep your Maltipoos healthy and live longer, you need to feed them not just the right food but the right amount as well. You also need to consider different factors such as age, activity level and others.

Choose high-quality dog food for a small breed.

The breed requires high-quality food to remain healthy. Small breed dog foods are easier to chew for Maltipoo. During the selection process, you need to focus on the following:

  • Check the ingredients first. It should contain real meat as its first ingredients. Dog food with meat by-product may not be considered as high-quality food.
  • Protein, fats, fatty acids, carbohydrates, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals are important nutrients your dog food should contain.
  • You can ask the suggestion of a pet nutrition expert if you plan to make your own dog food. Maltipoos have specific nutritional needs that are different from other breeds. The pet owners may have a hard time meeting the needs of your pet dog.

Give the Right Amount of Dog Food.

Your pet’s diet depends on their activity level and weight. Most dog formulas have a suggested serving. But, there is a certain kind of breeds that you need to consider other factors and not just rely on what the manufacturer suggests.

For instance, it was suggested that you feed your pet 1/2 to 1 cup of dog food daily. For a very active Maltipoo, having 1/2 cup is not enough to last a day.

Create a regular feeding schedule.

In the past, pet owners would free-feed their canine. They thought that giving the dog a large amount of food and letting them eat anytime their pets want is a good thing to do. This kind of feeding can cause your dog to become obese. The best thing to do is to give them the right amount of food at specific times each day.

Adult dogs should be fed at least twice a day. By doing this, you will be able to divide your dog’s daily need into two portions. It will help keep your Maltipoo energized the whole day. You can give them one in the morning and one in the evening.

Consider the dog’s age.

As mentioned above, adult dogs need to be fed two times a day. For puppies they need more than twice:

  • For 8 to 12 weeks old puppies, feed them into 4 divided portions.
  • 3 to 6 month old, divide their meal into three portions
  • 6 months to 1 year old, divide their meal into 2 portions.

Give them lots of clean and fresh water.

Just like other breeds, Maltipoos needs to have access to clean, fresh water to keep them hydrated all day long. Pour water on stainless steel or ceramic bowls as they don’t get as much bacteria as plastic and your pet dog cannot chew on them. Change water every day and make sure they won’t run out of it.


Dog Food for Maltipoo Product Review

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food Adult

As your Maltipoo grows older, it needs to maintain its looks and health. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food Adult is formulated to fit even those dogs with a sensitive stomach. The company’s main mission is to help lengthen and enrich the special relationships between pets and their owners.


Formulated by Experts

Over 220 veterinarians, technicians, nutritionists, food scientists, and veterinarians developed the pet food to provide the needs of your pets. The company only accepts ingredients that come from facilities that passed stringent quality standards. The quality of each ingredient was tested to make sure it is safe. You can be assured that you will get only the best for your pet dog.

High-Quality Ingredients

As mentioned above, the ingredients were provided by trusted and reliable sources. This dog food contains high-quality real chicken as its main source of protein. The dog food is made up of natural ingredients and does not contain artificial flavors, colors, chicken by-product meal or preservatives.



  • Safe for sensitive stomach
  • Contains only natural ingredients
  • Has prebiotic fiber to boost gut bacteria
  • Good source of omega-6 fatty acids and Vitamin E
  • A great-tasting meal your pet will surely enjoy



  • Not recommended for nursing or pregnant dogs


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Solid Gold Dry Dog Food with Real Protein for Small Breed

If you are in search of complete dog food that is full of natural and quality ingredients, the Solid Gold Dog Food for the small breed is a good option. It has been in the market for over 20 years. The company has been providing a delicious bowl of chows. Until now they stayed true to its promise to provide holistic food all the time.


Real Meat as the First Ingredient

Solid Gold Dog Food contains real meat as the first ingredient. Keep in mind that real meat tends to lose some of its essential nutrients after the moisture is taken out. This is the reason why most dog foods contain chicken meal, fish meal, lamb meal, and others to provide the needed protein.

Holistic Ingredients and Natural Sources

This dog food promises not just delicious and tasty meal for their pet dog but also a complete and all natural sources of nutrients. This is safe for all breeds because it is grain-free. Other ingredients include chicory root, zinc proteinate, salmon oil, iron proteinate, folic acid, manganese proteinate, and vitamin E supplements.



  • Complete with vitamins and minerals
  • Keeps the coat shiny and healthy
  • All natural ingredients
  • Safe for sensitive stomach
  • Priced reasonably



  • Proper transition to this formula is required as it may cause stomach upset


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Cesar Gourmet Wet Dog Food Variety Packs

Your pet dog will surely enjoy this sumptuous gourmet dog food from Cesar. It is recommended for both small and large breeds. This savory dog food features different poultry selections that make your Maltipoo wags its tail. Cesar Gourmet Wet Dog Food is a classic loaf with saucy texture.

Well-Formulated to Meet Your Pet’s Nutritional Needs

This dog food is served in convenient trays sealed-in freshness. It is rich in vitamins and minerals for balanced and complete nutrition. This gourmet wet dog food uses ingredients approved by the AAFCO formulated to meet the nutritional levels required.

Available in Different Flavors

Cesar Gourmet Wet Dog Food is available in four different flavors. The 24 count case is divided into 4 flavors 6 duck recipe, 6 turkey recipe, 6 oven-roasted, chicken flavor and 6 grilled chicken flavor. This is a grain-free meal which makes it very safe if you have a sensitive pet.



  • Complete and balanced nutrition
  • With 4 different flavors
  • Recommended even for sensitive stomach
  • Can be given as a snack or combined with kibble
  • Approved by AAFCO



  • Not the best choice for large breeds


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Purina Bella Natural Bites for Small Dogs Adult Dry Dog Food

Purina Bella Natural Bites is specifically formulated for small dogs. It is tasty wet dog food, with grain-free paste that contains veggies. It is made of natural ingredients with added minerals and vitamins. However, it is not advisable to switch it right away with Purina. Allow seven to ten days to complete the transition.

Complete and Balance Nutrition

Small dogs have faster metabolisms and longer life expectancy as compared to bigger dogs. This dog food is complete and contains the nutrition it needs to help them grow healthy.

Meat By-Products as the First Ingredient

According to AAFCO, meat by-products are parts of meat derived from slaughtered mammals. Some of the considered as meat by-products are spleen, livers, bone, lungs, blood, kidneys, intestines, stomachs and defatted fatty tissues



  • Made of natural ingredients
  • Real chicken is the no. 1 ingredient
  • Supports your pet’s health all throughout their life expectancy
  • Contains antioxidants to support your pet’s immune system
  • Grain-free safe for choosy Maltipoo



  • Contains some artificial flavors


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Petcurean Now! 152313 Fresh Grain Free Small Breed Adult Dog Food

The Petcurean Now! Fresh Grain Free Dog Food is made of 100% fresh salmon, turkey, duck. It also contains 100% fresh omega-3 and 6 oils from canola and coconuts. It is grain and gluten free with no corn, soy, wheat or beef.

Shaped into Small Kibble

To make it easier for your pet dog to chew the dog food, Petcurean Now is shaped into small kibble. You Maltipoo can chew their dog food easier if it is shaped into bite-size. Chewing is good for your dog’s teeth, it will help them to keep their teeth clean and reduces plaque build up.

Balanced Fats and Proteins

To support the Maltipoo’s active lifestyle it requires balance amount of fats and proteins in their daily diet. Protein is an essential component of every cell and it is needed to repair and build tissues. The excess protein in the body is converted into fats as their source of energy.



  • Contains antioxidants to boost the immune system
  • Promote skin and coat health
  • Grain-free and gluten-free
  • Packed with 100% fresh meat and salmon
  • Shaped into the right size



  • The most expensive on the list


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Final Thoughts

Finding the best dog food for Maltipoo is not an easy task. There are essential factors that you need to consider. After reviewing five of the popular dog formula in the market today, we find Petcurean Now! 152313 Fresh Dog Food as the best. It could be the most expensive in the list, but the benefits and nutrients it can provide are worth every cent you spent on it. If you want to learn more about Maltipoo, you can comment below and we will do our best to answer all your questions.

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