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There is a great deal of controversy surrounding the use of grain in dog food. Naturally, dogs are considered to be carnivorous animals. However, this is not that true since dog feed on other meals that are made from grains.

Many vets and nutritionist refer to dogs as scavenging carnivore animal and not obligate carnivore like leopards and cats that mainly feed on meat. Carnivorous animal like dog mainly derive their nutrient from animal products biological and they have very limited ability to digest plant foods.
However, grains mainly provide your dog with carbohydrate energy, fiber, and some essential nutrients. Besides, not all grains have the same nutrient levels.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing the following dog food without corn:


How to choose the best corn-free food for your dog

In an ideal world, all dog food would be created equal. Instead, dog owners are presented with an overpowering range of options, all claiming to be the best dog food on the market. Going through these choices to find the best dog food brand that is healthy, affordable, and appealing to your pet is often exasperating. We have compiled an expert advice to help you narrow down your options.

Most people feed dogs with dry kibble and canned food. Dogs can get all their nutrients from food. But they might not be appealing to you despite the high quality. As mentioned earlier dogs, unlike cats, are not a strict carnivore. Therefore, their food supplement might contain some grains in certain portions.

To find the best dog food it must contain meat, grains, fruits and vegetables. Foods which are rich with these ingredients are most appropriate for your dog’s digestive system.

Dog food nutrition

It is important to note that not every dog has the same nutritional needs. Dogs require a varied range of nutrients in different quantities throughout their lifetime. The nutritional requirements of a puppy are different from an adult dog, which is why it is advisable to feed a puppy formula or an “all life stages” food to your young dog, unlike adult dogs. For people who are unsure of what to feed their dogs, they are advised to read the Merck veterinary manual to get nutritional information they may not have.

Controversies surrounding dog food

Many people have questions about grain-inclusive or grain-free dog food, or dog foods containing animal byproducts. If your dog has been diagnosed with a form of food allergy caused by grains, you may consider a grain-free diet under the guidance of your veterinarian. For most dogs, grains are a source of wholesome nutrients.

Quality animal byproducts are also nutritious. These include organ meats and entrails, which often contain more nutrients than the muscle meat consumed by humans. Some of the issues raised concerning the use of grains in dog food include:

  • They are plant-based nutrients that are more difficult for your dog to digest
  • Grain ingredient contain allergens that can cause recurrent skin problems, ear infections and digestives problems for your dog
  • Soy and Corn are one the most genetically modified foodstuff in the market and heavily treated with pesticides that can cause problems for your dog.
  • Soy contains chemicals called phytoestrogens that mimic dogs estrogen hormone, causing hormonal imbalance
  • Wheat  contains a protein called gluten that triggers food allergies and sensitivity for dogs

Benefits of Corn-free dog food

Majority of the vets recommend that carbohydrates and grains should only make up a small portion of your dog’s diet. Most grain-free dog food contains more proteins and animal fats with very low quantities of carbohydrates. According to Dogstar analysis; the following ratios should be followed 50% vegetables/40% meat protein/10%grain. Some of the benefits of a corn-free diet include:

  • Corn-free food keeps the dogs satisfied for a longer time thus eating less and reduces the costs of buying expensive, grain-free food.
  • Reduces canine food allergies
  • Corn-free foods have more energy
  • The dogs develop healthier skin with a shinier coat.
  • Feeding dogs on corn-free food results in fewer and smaller stool
  • It also reduces flatulence, less shedding and a better breath


dog food without corn

Things to look for when choosing the best corn-free food for your dog

It is sometimes difficult for a dog owner to choose the right diet for their dogs. You needs to weigh the pros and cons of every product before deciding which one to choose. One has to consider the following things before eliminating grains from your dog’s diet:

  • Each dog is different and has different nutritional requirements.
  • More active dogs should be given food high in protein and for the less active and older dogs, high protein diet is not recommended.
  • Some dog experts believe that dogs can digest grains as they have the enzymes necessary for grain digestion. According to Dr. Marion Nestle, the Paulette Goddard Professor of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health at New York University, dogs can digest cooked grains.
  • Before changing your dog’s diet you should check your dog’s health condition has some dogs may not respond well to high protein diets due to some health problems.
  • Changing the diet of your dog should be gradual and not sudden. Also take factors like age breed, health activity level of your dog into consideration.

Top five recommended Dog Foods without Corn

If you want to avoid these problems for your dog, don’t choose a dog food that contains corn ingredients. Here is a quick review of the top five corn-free dog foods recommended to feed your dog:

Taste of The Wild Grain Free Premium High Protein Dry Dog Food High Prairie Adult

The manufactures of this brand understand that dogs are descended from the wild wolves and they have a craving for the real meat and natural flavors. The brand produces only premium products designed to mimic the ancestral diets of wild dogs. All the recipes are supplemented with gluten-free carbohydrates and other legumes.

In general, it is one of the best dog food without grain out there in the market. Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Recipe features a variety of premium animal proteins including buffalo, lamb, chicken, bison, venison, and beef to provide a total of 32% protein. In addition to numerous sources of high-quality protein, this recipe is completely grain-free, which helps to ensure digestibility. It features several sources of omega fatty acids as well as supplemental fiber and probiotics for healthy digestion. It also contains chelated minerals for maximum mineral absorption and probiotics for improved digestion. Besides, it comes with plenty of antioxidants and natural sources for key vitamins and mineral.


  • It is free from grain
  • It is rich in omega fatty acids
  • It contains supplementary fiber
  • Contains chelated mineral that helps in mineral absorption
  • It has probiotic to ease digestion.
  • Available in numerous premium animal proteins



  • The main source of fat is plant-based canola oil


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Nature’s Variety Instinct Original Grain-Free Recipe with Real Rabbit

If you’re considering buying a high-quality recipe to provide your dog with complete and balanced nutrition, try this Nature’s Variety Instinct Original Grain-Free Recipe with Real Rabbit. This recipe features a variety of natural ingredients with no fillers, by-products, or artificial additives and it is completely grain-free ingredients.

It is free from low-quality ingredients and it has a premium animal protein from rabbit meat. Easily digestible with additional fresh fruits and vegetable to provide further nutrients. It is also grain-free for easy digestibility with fresh fruits and vegetables to provide natural sources for other key nutrients. Besides, it contains chelated mineral to balance the nutrients and improve digestions.



  • Made of all-natural ingredients.
  • Its protein source is from rabbit meat, very high in protein.
  • Rich in omega fatty acids.
  • Contains chelated minerals that help in digestion and nutritional balancing.
  • Made of fresh fruits and vegetable for additional nutrients to the diet.
  • Probiotic.
  • Comes with a freeze-dried coating.



  • Expensive to feed your dog regularly as a staple diet.
  • Main source of fat is plant-based canola Oil.


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American Journey Grain-Free Chicken & Sweet Potato Dry Food

If you love your dog and you want to provide your dog with a high-quality diet that’s affordable, try this recipe. The American Journey Grain-Free Chicken & Sweet Potato Dry Food features high-quality natural ingredients free from grain. It is relatively cheap and offers excellent nutritional value with premium protein like turkey meal, deboned chicken, chicken fat, potatoes, and chickpeas. Besides having omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat, it also contains chelated minerals that help in nutrient absorption. It also contains probiotic for aiding digestion with fiber as well.



  • Made from natural ingredients only
  • Fresh chicken is the main ingredient
  • Contains digestible grain-free carbohydrates
  • Come with fresh fruits and vegetable providing a natural source of key nutrients
  • It probiotics for digestion
  • It contains a blend of omega fatty acids
  • Contains chelated mineral that helps in mineral absorption



  • It is normally high in fiber content for some dogs


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Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Adult Lamb & Brown Rice Recipe

The blue buffalo company ‘s main vision is to treat your dog as members of the family providing high-quality diets made from fresh ingredients free from any grain, by-products and artificial additives. The company offers a different line of products tailored to fit individual dogs’ dietary needs.

The blue life protection formula line features life stages with a formula made from natural ingredients while the freedom line is purely grain-free. The basic line features limited ingredient diets made from high premium proteins and carbohydrates. And the wilderness line feature meat and protein-rich diets.

You might want to choose the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Flatland Feast Recipe with Turkey, Quail, and Duck, which is a high-quality corn free dog food. The formula is designed to fit dogs need for a protein-rich diet and it is supplemented with digestible grain-free proteins from green peas and sweet potatoes, with fresh fruits and vegetable to provide your dog with natural sources for essential nutrients that include antioxidants. Besides the formula is supplemented with a life source mineral and a blend of vitamins to balance the diet. It is also rich in fatty acids for energy and coat support.



  • Fresh lamb as one of the main ingredients
  • Rich in omega fatty acids
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables to provide essential nutrients to your dog
  • Contains chelated mineral that aid absorption of minerals
  • Available in dried fermentation product
  • Contains life source bits



  • Not fully grain-free as it contains digestible whole grain


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Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food Original Turkey & Chicken

Wellness Food Company has been around for over 80 years in the pet food industry and always seeking to be the best of the best. The company offers four different product lines the complete health line of products features life stages and breed-size formulas while the CORE lineup includes a variety of grain-free options.

The Simple line features Limited Ingredient Diets and TruFood offers baked dog foods made with fresh ingredients. And it follows a universally accepted approach for making pet food and designing recipes customized to fit your Dogs diet requirements. Every formula is designed with your dog’s interest in mind.

If you’re worried about grains other than corn, wheat, and soy in your dog’s diet, considers this Wellness CORE Grain-Free Original Deboned Turkey, Turkey Meal & Chicken Meal Recipe. This grain-free recipe features fresh turkey, turkey meal, and chicken meal as the top three ingredients for a diet rich in premium animal protein and natural flavors. Besides, it contains digestible grain-free carbohydrates like peas and potatoes with supplemental fiber for better digestion. It also contains glucosamine and chondroitin for joint support with chelated minerals for maximum nutrient absorption. Besides being free from gluten and grains, this formula doesn’t contain any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Simply put, it is a great choice if you’re looking for a corn-free dog food recipe.



  • CORE grain formula is rich in premium animal protein
  • Contains digestible grain-free carbohydrates
  • Blended with omega fatty acids
  • Contains supplementary fibers and probiotics for digestion purposes
  • Contains chelated minerals to balance the diets nutrients levels
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables to add other key nutrients to the diet



  • Some dogs are sensitive to chicken ingredients thus not favorable for all dogs


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To sum up, grain-free dog food may have some benefits, but the decision ultimately comes down to what you and your dog prefer. Before deciding on the diet to choose for your dog, we recommend consulting with your vet before switching your dog’s diet. This will help you determine the best dietary decision for your dog or if there are better alternatives based on his age, health and other unique factors.

Besides, not only do these ingredients have low nutritional value for your dog, but they come with a high risk of triggering food allergies and sensitivities. However, there are many dog foods to choose from that do not include these ingredients. If you’re not sure where to start looking, simply try one of the top-rated dog foods mentioned above. To safeguard your dog, be sure to choose grain-free dog food.

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