Best Harness For Small Dogs That You Cannot Miss!

As a dog owner, you may get torn in between using a collar or harness on you small pooch. A collar is a perfect choice but a harness comes with additional benefits. If you would like to discourage your dog from pulling the leash, you will have to consider purchasing a harness.

Finding the right harness for your dog sometimes can be quite challenging, since small dogs are very energetic.

Some of the features you would want to consider when purchasing a harness include:

Factors to consider when buying a small-dog harness

1. Comfortability of the material

Will your dog be comfortable in the harness?

You should consider purchasing a harness with plush fabrics and soft mesh because this will be ideal for it.

Other fabrics may have a well-designed nylon fabric which you can also pick.

Try testing it on your dog so that you know if it is comfortable or simply check its reviews from other customers.

2. Security

Any fasteners, buckles or clips that are used on the harness should be secure enough to hold your pooch, and at the same time give it a chance to move around with ease.

It should also be possible for you to connect or disconnect easily whenever necessary.

3.Increase visibility

It is without a doubt, the safety of your dog is of uttermost importance.

For safety reasons, the harness should increase the visibility of your dog even in low light alleys.

Try buying a harness that has a reflective tape or reflective stitching if walk your dog at night very often.

4.Washable material

Well, whenever you decide to purchase one, you should consider something that easy to clean. Most dog harnesses get dirty quickly- hence a washable material will be ideal.


Harness prices range from $10 to about $100 depending on the design, manufacturer and quality of the material.

Most dog owners opt for purchases that range between $20 to $40. You should always value the product you are getting rather than the cost.

An expensive product doesn’t mean a great one!

Also, harnesses can be classified into different categories. Most of them fall between these three types:


You might have to take into consideration whether your pooch will grow bigger or not. Even if it is a small dog breed, there is still a size difference between a puppy and an adult. Hence, you might need to think of getting one that is adjustable.

3 Main Types of Harnesses available in the market

a)Back-clip harness

It generally has  a leash attached to the back of your dog.

The advantage of this leash is that your dog is less likely to get its legs caught up on the leash.

The disadvantage is that you will have less control especially if your dog is a strong puller.

b)Front-clip Harness

Here, the leash is attached to the front part of the dog’s neck.

This will provide you with high levels of control and at the same time you will be able to guide your dog’s direction.

However, you dog will definitely get her legs caught up in the leash.

c)Dual-clip Harness

It combines both the front and the back harness to provide you with a full control of your dog.

It is often used by trainers where the back leash helps them guide the dog during normal walks; whereas the front leash will help them control its pulling.

Whenever you are purchasing a harness, start by taking some time to study how to properly fit it on your dog.

This will help you prevent any discomfort to your small dog or any chance of the leash getting loose.

Now that you have known some of the ins and outs of purchasing a dog harness, let’s talk about options that you may consider.

Top 5 Best Harnesses Recommended For Small Dogs

The majority of companies that produce these harnesses make them to fit small dogs. This will obviously give you a wide variety of choices to pick from.

However, each varies from the rest in terms of quality and durability. It is therefore important for you to learn about the type of harness you want to purchase before making the order.

Here are some of the few designs you can consider:

1.Front Range Ruff Harness

This is a dog harness that comes with plenty of padding; hence, it is highly durable.

Plus, it comes with dual-chip attachments as well a minimum girth for the chest – which is 13-inch long (small version); that is a comfortable fit.

The Ruffwear has outstanding features that makes it noticeable among other competing products in the market. This is because it comes with a secure attachment with dual leashes.

It will give you an attachment to both the back part and the front of the dog. The back clip does well with leisurely walks around the block; while the front leash will always give you a full control of your dog whenever necessary.

However, the front clip is made out of reinforced fabric, instead of metal. This would make you want to question its durability.

All in all, with small dogs the durability question is not so much of an issue.

The padding that covers the chest, belly, neck, and most of the back region makes the Ruffwear a comfortable harness for your dog.

In addition to the comfortability features, the great padding alignment makes the work easy for the owners whose dogs are natural pullers. The four points on the harness that allow adjustments gives your dog a perfect fit and it won’t experience chaffing.

For night visibility, the harness comes with a reflective trim hence you will be able to locate your dog with ease at night.


•It has plenty of comfortable padding

•It is built with durable quality materials

•It comes with four points for adjustments

•It has a handy ID pocket to keep your dog’s tags

•It comes with dual leashes to give you ultimate control over your dog


•It is expensive

•The front clip is made from reinforced fabric

2.Copatchy Harness

This is an adjustable dog harness that has no pull effect on the dog. This makes it very easy to manage.

The reflective feature enhances your dog’s visibility in low light areas or at night.

The harness is designed to distribute pressure on the back and stomach of the dog when it’s on leash and it pulls the harness. This reduces the chances of trachea and respiratory related injuries.

This is a comfortable choice for your small breed of dog. This is because it comes with a sponge filled harness that is resistant to pulling.

The design makes it easy for you during walks and hikes since you won’t have to stress on chocking the dog’s neck.

The harness has two clips on both sides of the neck to enhance easy wear and removal when needed.

The breathable high quality mesh material allows your dog to stay cool during hot weather.


•It is comfortable since it is made from very spongy materials.

•It comes with a reflective element for enhanced visibility of your dog in low lit areas

•It has a breathable material


•The adjustment straps loosen quite often

3.The Comfort Fit Soft Dog Harness

If you have been looking for that easy-to-use harness, then this is definitely a product you should consider.

This harness is able to keep your canine friend secure.

Additionally, it will offer comfortability whenever wearing. It is also available in different sizes; hence it is comfortable to any dog size with a neck size of 7 inches.

Moreover, the harness comes with adjustable straps that will buckle on the back of your dog; hence it is quite easy to put it on.

The harness comes with a two Reinforced D-rings that will lock your small dog in a secure strap.

Also, the D-rings provide a hugging effect on your dog – it will reduce the tension and stress whenever you want to guide your dog.

It is incredibly light, so you won’t have to worry about the extra weight on your dog.

You have a range of colours to choose from: red, black, pink, green and blue.

The manufacturers of this product offer a life-long guarantee, so you can shop with all the confidence.

However, as much as the hugging cushion provides the dog with comfort and less tension, it might actually cause the dog to overheat especially in hot summer days. The manufacturers seem to be aware of this fact, that is why the harness is well engineered to be as breathable as possible.


•The harness is quite comfortable to small dogs

•Majority of the dogs seem to love wearing this harness


•The harness has a significant size difference between the small and the extra-small versions. This made it difficult to find the perfect fit.

•Problems with the stitching. However, the harness has a lifetime guarantee, so I doubt it would be a big problem.

4.Tru-Fit Kurgo Smart Dog Harness

This is the harness for the budget-conscious dog owners.

Although cheaper than most, it still has great features. It comes with both the back and front clip along with a highly-padded chest design for easy control.

Besides, the general design allows great flexibility and easy adjustment.

The harness is a comfortable fit to the small dogs with a girth of 12 inches or less.

It has a padding on the belly and chest, too. This helps to distribute the force exerted equally along the dog’s back and belly to reduce chances of injuries.

It doesn’t have any straps on the back or the neck though.

The Kurgo harness has five major points for adjustments to give most small dogs the required snug fit. This allows you to spend time at first fiddling with the straps until you get the right fit for it.

It has an added advantage as it offers a warranty that lasts a lifetime for manufacturer’s defects sake.

The harness is washable by machine, which is an absolute time saver after muddy plays outdoors.

It also has an attachment for seat belts though it has not yet been crash tested.


•The harness has a durable and wide chest pad

•It is easily adjustable

•The leash attachments are very strong

•It is affordable


•Less padding

5.Puppia Soft Dog Harness

This is another good choice for the money-cautious dog owners.

It comes with a minimum chest 10-inch girth. If you have a tiny breed, this could be a right fit for it.

The colour diversity means that you can always choose the best colour blend for it.

However, if your dog is one of those strong pullers, this harness may not be a good choice.

The Puppia harness is made from polyester material, giving it a soft feel that will be appealing to most dog breeds.

Furthermore, it has an adjustable chest belt. Nevertheless, it cannot be adjusted at the neck region.

This calls for you to measure the exact size of your dog’s chest and neck to get it right.

For cleaning purposes, this harness is machine-washable. But you may want to consider hand washing and air drying.


•It an affordable dog harness

•It is sizeable for the tiny dog breeds

•The chest straps are adjustable


•The girth at the neck has a fixed size.

•It is not highly durable

In conclusion, I hope that this article will be of help when choosing the right harness for your small canine friend.

Keep in mind that they are a few major things that you should consider before making a buying decision.

Let durability, adjustability and comfortability be your major keys.

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