Healthy Eating Habits – Can Dogs Eat Pork?

Just like human beings, dogs deserve to be fed healthily. To ensure healthy dieting, it is essential for owners to provide a proper daily routine for their pooches . 

Pork meat has been a heated debate whether or not it is safe for dogs to eat.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss how safe or unsafe if dogs are fed with pork meat.

Is Pork Harmful To Dogs?

If you are in a rush and needing the short answer: Yes, dogs can eat pork!However, pork meat must be cooked well to kill the dangerous worms found in it.

Under-cooked or raw pork meat contains trichinella muscle larvae, which leads to intestinal roundworms in dogs. (source)

The presence of such infections in dogs is harmful and can lead to:

  • Eyelid swelling, especially the upper one
  • Strong body pain
  • Soreness in the muscles

To prevent such problems, it is essential to cook pork meat long enough.

Also, freeze the meat for about two to three weeks to ensure that all parasites are removed before cooking it. (source)

More importantly, your dog should not be fed with seasoned or spiced meat, as it is not healthy for dogs. 

How Much Pork Can Dogs Eat?

Just like any other meat, if it is the first time you are introducing it to the dog’s diet, you should give it in small bits. By doing so, your pooch can digest the food better.  

In case of any unusual result after feeding the dog with pork, it is advisable you consult with the veterinarian and cease to feed more of it.

However, if there is no negative reaction from it: feed the dog pork meat in portions, in an increasing manner.

Also, processed meat such as bacon and ham are not ideal for dogs  as they have high salt content that can cause bloating, dehydration and pancreatitis. (source)

Can dogs eat pork

Is Pork An Important Part Of Dogs’ Diet?

Research shows that pork meat is highly nutritious and a good source of protein. (source)Hence, it is essential to feed the dog with the right amount.

However, everything should be in moderation to maintain a balanced diet.

Can You Feed Your Dog With Pork Bones?

It is advisable not to give your fido any pork bones, whether they are raw or cooked. It is because they are easily to splinter and crack when chewed on. This will lead to:

  • choking
  • damage to intestines
  • damage to esophagus
  • blockages to intestines


In addition, larger dogs might swallow the whole bone, due to it being small in size. 

Can dogs eat pork bones

Food Allergy in Dogs

Are dogs allergic to pork meat?

According to BMC Veterinary Research, only 2% of dogs are allergic to pork compared to corn (4%), lamb (5%), chicken (15%) and beef (34%). (source)

Just feed your dog in small portions, to begin with. If it shows any symptoms of food allergy, stop giving it the meat. Otherwise, gradually increase the portion. 

Keep observing your fido to see if it exhibits any of the common food allergy symptoms (source):

  • Itching (main)
  • Itchy paws
  • Constant Sneezing
  • Hot spots
  • Rashes in skin
  • Greasy skin
  • Scaly skin
  • Pigmentation in skin
  • Leather-like skin
  • Eye discharge
  • Red eyes
  • Loss of fur
  • Ear infections

Is Processed Meat Healthy For Dogs?

Processed pork meat such as ham and bacon contains a high level of salt. Thus, it is not healthy for dogs as it can lead to dehydration.

Once the dogs are dehydrated they will tend to take a lot of water which may later lead to bloating.

Ham is not good for dogs

Too much salt can cause blood pressure and kidney failure in dogs.


Fully cooked pork, without seasoning is not harmful to dogs.

Also, we should constantly monitor our dog, especially after having fed it with “new” meat for the first time.

If you think your dog has any signs of illness after eating pork, do not hesitate to take it to the vet. 

Thank you for reading! 

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