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Best Dog Water Bowls

Best Dog Water Bowls For Sloppy Drinkers

If you do not have the time to read the whole article and just want to find out what the best water bowls for sloppy dog drinkers is, then we recommend the Neater Feeder Deluxe Dog The Mess Proof Elevated Bowls as the best one. As much as we love our dogs, we know that they […]

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Best Harness For Small Dogs

Best Harness For Small Dogs That You Cannot Miss!

As a dog owner, you may get torn in between using a collar or harness on you small pooch. A collar is a perfect choice but a harness comes with additional benefits. If you would like to discourage your dog from pulling the leash, you will have to consider purchasing a harness. Finding the right harness […]

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Pomeranian Haircut

Creative Pomeranian Haircuts and Care!

Before we talk about Pomeranian hairsytles. How much did you know about this lovely breed of dog?  Pomeranians are treasured all over the world. Despite their size, they still manage to be alert, obedient and active almost all the time compared to other dog breeds.Did you know that Pomeranians are considered a sign of royalty (source)? […]

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Flea Powder for Carpets

Best Flea Powder For Carpets – Safe For Your Pets

How do you know what the best products to eliminate and prevent flea infestations are? How do you know if you’ve bought from a trusted brand or manufacturer?​ We will help you decide on the best flea powder for carpets safe for your pets at home. The criteria we used to determine how good a product is, is […]

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Top 5 Leather Dog Leashes

Top 5 Leather Dog Leashes in 2019

Are you looking for the best leather dog leash and unable to decide which one to choose? We understand, the number of options available in the market are quite overwhelming, making it very difficult to choose one. A leash is a very important training tool for your dog and as a pet parent, you must ensure the […]

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Baby Shampoo Safe for Dogs

Is Baby Shampoo Safe For Dogs? Read This Helpful Advice!

You come back from work and notice a stinky scent around the house.
Ewww. It’s Rover!
 You decide it’s time to give him a bath but to your surprise, there’s no more doggy shampoo.
 You turn around and find a baby shampoo in the cabinet.
And then you wonder: 
- Is it ok if I use baby shampoo on […]

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Do Dogs Cleam Themselves

Do Dogs Clean Themselves?

It’s not quite uncommon for people to have pets. When it comes to dogs especially, they are the most regularly adopted pets.  However, we don’t always give our dogs a bath to clean them up. What we forget is that they need personal hygiene as much as humans.  Fortunately, they have their animal instinct routines of […]

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Can You Shave A Husky? Is It A Good Idea?

Winter is long gone, yet the shedding continues. With summer here, there may be more fur around the house than usual. Husky owners around the Globe may all share similar questions:Can you shave a husky or not? What do you think? Shaving huskies is a risky and cruel habit that should be against the law. There are husky […]

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