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Raw Chicken OK for Dogs

My Dog Ate Raw Chicken. Will It Be OK?

You have come to this page because your dog has accidentally eaten raw chicken, which is not in its regular diet OR you want to integrate raw chicken diet into its meal. Perhaps, your pooch does not normally eat raw chicken and today it ate some by accident. It could be the livestock from your neighbours; […]

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Can dogs eat watermelons

Can Dogs Eat Watermelons? (All-You-Need-To-Know Information)

Yum, yum, yum! Watermelons are so sweet and juicy! Now you wonder if you could feed them to your pooch.  No worries, I have thought about the same question before, too.  In this article, the main idea is to discuss the safety and nutritional values of watermelons, and the important guidelines to consider. Quick Navigation Is watermelon safe […]

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Can dogs drink orange juice

Can Dogs Drink Orange Juice?

Did you know that 95 to 98% of all reported animal cases account for dog owners seeking assistance for potential poisoning? This mostly happens in the summer and in December, associated with the holiday season. Summer is a time when many pet owners like to give their dogs orange juice. But, is it a safe choice? In this […]

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Can dogs eat tuna

Can Your Dogs Eat Tuna? (An Affordable and Healthy Fishy Diet)

Not one or two dog foods contain fish, there is a whole list of them. At the thought of seafood, I know tuna must have crossed your mind now and is probably top of the list in consideration. For a fact, fish is good for your doggy considering it has Omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, B […]

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Can Dogs Drink Almond Milk

Truthfully: Can Dogs Drink Almond Milk?

Look: Most pet owners think that just because almond milk is a natural plant milk, so it is good for their dogs.  But, is that really true? Is almond milk good for dogs? Can you wean your puppy using almond milk? Can you let your dog enjoy the sweet, tasty and creamy texture of the almond milk?  Does it […]

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Is pork harmful to dogs

Healthy Eating Habits – Can Dogs Eat Pork?

Just like human beings, dogs deserve to be fed healthily. To ensure healthy dieting, it is essential for owners to provide a proper daily routine for their pooches .  Pork meat has been a heated debate whether or not it is safe for dogs to eat.Therefore, in this article, we will discuss how safe or unsafe […]

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Can dogs eat nectarines

Can Dogs Eat Nectarines

As a responsible pet owner, you’ve probably asked yourself questions like these: Can my dog eat this?Does the food have any benefits? Will this give it a stomachache? And now, you’ve found yourself asking: Can my dog eat nectarine?Don’t worry. We’ve created this article for you. In this article you’ll learn: •The health benefits of nectarine and peaches for dogs•The […]

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Can dogs eat banana chips

Can Your Dogs Eat Banana Chips – Important Things To Know About

What you feed your dog can be a lifesaver, but many times it can be the beginning of a big headache and may even lead to death. But, as a smart and responsible owner you research everything your dog can and cannot eat and recently you’ve asked yourself:- Can dogs eat dried banana chips? Is it […]

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can dogs eat honey nut cheerios

Can Dogs Eat Honey Nut Cheerios? Yes, but…

Most of the time we humans have been tempted to feed our dogs with off the table foods. You’ve probably started most of your days with those delicious, tummy filling Cheerios especially. Maybe one or two times.  You may have tempted to share some honey nut Cheerios with your dog. Some Cheerios are safe for your dogs […]

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Dogs eat mushrooms

Can Dogs Eat Mushrooms [Detailed Guide]

Did you know that mushrooms could be an ideal dietary supplements for dogs? It doesn’t mean dogs can eat mushrooms of all types, though.  You have to read further to find out what the harmless and toxic kinds are. First of all, why are dogs so into mushrooms?Here are the reasons:Dog would be happy to eat […]

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