The Australian Shepherd Lab Mix (Detailed Breed Information)

The Australian Shepherd lab mix is a well-known designer dog breed in the world.

She is a very popular mixed breed especially as a family companion in the USA.

She is as a result of the crossbreed between the Australian Shepherd and the Labrador Retriever.

Most people call her the Aussiedor or Shephador.
The hybrid inherits both the glamour and wits of her parent breeds.

australian shepherd lab mix puppy

Australian Shepherd Lab Mix Puppy

If you’re looking for a family companion pet, Aussiedor will serve you right.
She can act really mature yet very active and goofy at times.

In this article therefore, I will highlight everything you ever wanted to know about the parent breeds;
Australian Shepherd and Labrador Retriever as well as the resulting hybrid.

This will include; their origin, temperament, health condition, how to care for them and any other important additional information that might be essential when deciding to adopt the Shephador.

Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is a medium sized dog breed that can trace her origin back to the Basques in Spain.

Originally, she was used to herd sheep thanks to the fact that she could cope very well with altitude change. 

Today, she is used as a working dog in the ranch.
You really should see her when she is down to work! You will fall in love with her zeal.

All in all, she can make a great family dog if her energy is channelled to sports and other involving activities.

australian shepherd

Australian Shepherd

General Characteristics of the Australian Shepherd

•She has a high IQ level:
Therefore a fast learner making it quite easy to train her.

•The Australian shepherd can be territorial and dominant:
 Her owner shouldn't be meek and timid.
 She needs someone who is naturally authoritative.

•She’s loyal to her owner as well as her family members:
but known to be very hostile to unfamiliar faces.

•She is gentle and friendly to kids:
 but should be left to play with them only under supervision.

•The Aussie is an energetic dog:
She needs a lot of physical stimulation.
She loves working outdoors therefore cannot dwell in an apartment.

•She is easy to train:
but only under positive reinforcement.
It’s good to reward and praise her when she succeeds in her training.

•Her height goes up to 23 inches and weighs up to 40 pounds.

•Her coat is thick and water resistant:
ideal for the winter seasons. 

•She is a heavy shedder especially during seasons change:
Therefore her fur should be brushed on a weekly basis.

•The Australian shepherd can live up to 15 years:
She is prone to some health problems like collie eye anomaly, hip dysplasia, cancer, allergies among others.

With the above mentioned characteristics, we already have a clue how our hybrid will be like.

With that in mind, we move to our second parent breed and discuss her general characteristics.

Labrador Retriever

This is one of those we call retriever gun dogs.

She is very popular in the UK and USA.

Her training involves how to help the blind and those who have autism.

In addition to that, she is capable of screening and detecting drugs.

She comes in black, yellow and chocolate colours.

Originally, she was bred to retrieve nets for fishermen and small game for hunters.

She is very agile and will work even under very harsh conditions like bad terrain. 

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

General Characteristics

•She is friendly and lovable to everyone she meets.

•She is full of energy:
loves being engaged in outdoor activities.

•Easy to train:
 due to her high intelligence levels.

•She is a good companion:
happy around her family members.

•She can easily suffer from boredom or separation anxiety:
should be engaged in vigorous activities to tone down her high energy levels.

•Her feet are strong and webbed:
to aid her in swimming.

•She weighs up to70 pounds and towers about 24 inches high.

•She is a heavy shedder:
should be brushed regularly.
Also, she should be given a bath whenever possible
after her long day of play outdoors.

•She can be attacked by several health problems:
hip dysplasia, allergies, diabetes, obesity among other health concerns.

Having analysed out two parent breeds, we can move ahead and see what we get from the cross breeding.

However, we are not always sure that the hybrid will take up the characteristics of the parent breed 50% each.

Australian Shepherd Lab Mix

The Australian Shepherd lab mix is a medium-sized dog mix that is bred from the Australian shepherd and Labrador retriever puppies.

The hybrid is gentle and friendly which qualifies her as a family companion and the kid’s playmate.

The shephador tends to be loyal and submissive to her owner
meaning she will stick with you to the end.

Being an energetic type, she can be allocated certain roles that she can complete successfully.

She is also intelligent and very easy to train.

For her appearance, she might take up the colour of either parent breeds or a blend of both.

Her weight ranges from 33-35 pounds and can live up to 13 years. 

australian shepherd lab mix

Australian Shepherd Lab Mix Care

Grooming requirements

The mix is a moderate shedder but the quality of her coat differs depending on your grooming schedule.

Some Aussie Labs have a denser coat which obviously needs regular grooming to keep her neat and presentable.

Be sure to check for bruises or inflammation during baths in order to give her required medical attention. 

Her grooming should take place at least every 5 weeks on average.

Exercise requirements

The Australian Shepherd Lab mix is an energetic and active dog which can thrive very well in a family that loves outdoor activity.

The shephador needs to be engaged in both physical and mental stimulation to keep her healthy.
In that case, you should take her for hikes,
walks around the neighbourhood as well as play with her in the yard. 

She is not the type for you if you’re a coach sausage.

Training Requirements

The Labrador shepherd mix has a very high IQ level therefore can easily be trained to perform any task.

All in all, she needs positive reinforcement during training and should be rewarded and praised whenever she does well during her classes.

You should train her from when she is a pup in order to curb her herding instincts which can be problematic if not well tamed.

In addition, she should be socialized with both humans and other dogs from a young age.


The Australian Shepherd Lab Mix Health Mix Health Condition

Most dog breeds are prone to certain health conditions although hybrid dogs are known to be healthier than purebred dogs.

This mix has certain disorders that can attack her if not well taken care of.

They may include; hip dysplasia, allergies, cataracts and autoimmune thyroiditis.

Most of these disorders can be inherited from her parent breeds but this majorly depends on the conditions of the breeder.


To Summarize

In conclusion, we have seen that the Australian Shepherd Lab Mix takes up a lot of positive characteristics from her parent breeds.

In this case, you should consider a breeder who is well schooled and can offer a heath guarantee certificate on the puppies.

This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the strongholds of both the Australian shepherd puppy and the Labrador Retriever Puppy in one pack.

All in all, the adoption decision solely depends on the buyer.

Be sure to choose a breed that matches your personality and you’ll surely thank me later!


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