What is a Dachshund Lab Mix?

Imagine a breed that has both the qualities of dachshund and Labrador! Wouldn’t that be amazing? Well, the Dachsador is the product of both the Dachshund and Labrador breed. She is very loving and you will always enjoy how she lights up your home.

The breeders who came up with this idea had a lot to consider before making this lovely pup.

This article therefore, aims to study the individual parental characteristics that qualifies them for this experiment as well as what to expect from the Dachsador in terms of characteristics, personality and care of this breed.

The Dachshund as a parent

Dachshund Dog

Well-known as the sausage dog, she is of German origin. Some of the qualities that make her very valuable include;

•She is a scent hound dog who were amazing hunters. Funny as it seems, her sausage body made it possible for her to dig in to tunnels of small game hence making them ideal hunters

Dachshund have a reputation of being very entertaining and funny pups. Additionally, they are fearless but are in love with cuddling.

•Dachshund are affectionate and very good with kids

•The have a high intelligence level but can be difficult to train.

•They have a moderate energy level

Under good care and health conditions, she can live up to 15 years therefore you are sure of having a loving dog for a very long time.

To top it all up, she easily adapts to apartment lifestyle hence she will cope up well when you bring her home.

With that in about our first parent breed, it’s time we move on to the next parent.

Labrador retriever as a parent

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador retriever has characteristics of a friendly and useful labour dog.
Historically, they earned a place in fishermen’s hearts by helping around with fetching ropes, hauling nets and salvaging fish from the North most regions of the Atlantic.

The Labrador retriever breed in modern day is hard-working and good natured as their predecessors making them the most famous breeds in the USA.

Some of the best characteristics include;

•The Labrador retriever is outgoing and friendly with both animals and humans

•She is a sweet-natured breed and kids fall in love with her easily

•The Labrador retriever has a high IQ level making her training an easy task

•The working tradition in this breed means that she is an active dog

•She packs a lot of energy in her body hence she is very playful

When in a good environment and she has good health, the Labrador retriever can live up to 12 years. Now that we have looked at both parents, its high time we discuss the hybrid.

The Dachshund Labrador mix

She is quite a site for sour eyes. Packed with the best qualities of dachshund and Labrador pups, the hybrid will warm her way into your heart easily. Most people have different expectations when it comes to this hybrid due to the noticeable differences between the parents.



Here are some of her physical characteristics;

•Weighs between 25 to 50 pounds

•Grows up to 14 inches at the shoulder

•She has a life span of 15 years if kept in good health conditions

•She comes in different coat colours; black, chocolate and dark to light brown or yellow

•She has a medium to Long tail

•The Dachshund Labrador mix has a Labrador face

•She has a muscular compact body.

However, the hybrid’s physical characteristics depend majorly on the parental characteristics hence the parents need to be carefully picked and studied before cross breeding.

 Unfortunately, she may possess some characteristics that are not desirable.
For example, the Labrador gene may manifest in her making her dig holes in unnecessary places and also chase after other friendly pets.

A prior exposure to the parents will help you prepare for some of the unusual characteristics of this hybrid.

Personality of the Dachshund Labrador mix

Without a doubt, the Dachshund Labrador mix is a loving and friendly dog that will always wiggle her tail when she sees you.

She is typically a family dog since she loves to associate herself with the ‘pack’.

The Lachsador is a very energetic dog and no doubt has inherited this from her Labrador retriever parent.

The hybrid will love taking a morning run with you and you might take this chance to bond with her.
Due to her energy levels, she can play well with kids but obviously with supervision.

She is an intelligent pup; however, she will definitely require some training.
In case you are planning to take her home, make sure she has gone through some training to make her more friendly.

It might not be a good idea to bring an un trained pup to your home especially if you have kids around.

Black Dachsador

Black Dachsador

Dachshund Labrador Mix Care


The hybrid is highly prone to cold and hot weather hence she should stay indoors.
Regularly brush her teeth at least twice a week.

She is a moderate shedder therefore brushing twice a week will reduce chances of her fur matting.
This will also make her neat and presentable.

Her nails also require trimming.
Additionally, you can give her a bath only when she is dirty while taking this opportunity to check for bruises or wounds on her coat.

Cute Dachsador Puppy

Training requirements 

With two diverse parents, it means that the dachshund is exposed to more undesirable traits that affect the initial parent breeds.

Therefore, she requires a very strong and consistent trainer to get rid of her bad habits.
It is always advisable to train her at a tender age since she will retain her training all through her lifetime. 

All in all, her eagerness and energetic character shows that she is a very quick learner hence her training will take a short period.

Dachshund Lab Mix Puppy

Potential health risks

The health problems this hybrid may suffer are usually related to the individual parents.
It is always advisable to consult your breeder about the parental health problems so you can take appropriate precautions.

In general, here are some of the health problems she is likely to suffer based on the health conditions each parent may be susceptible to;


•Skin problems

•Back problems

A carefully planned diet will reduce the chances of obesity as well regular appointments to the vet will keep her in check.
Be sure to always feed her right.

Black Dachshund Lab Mix

In conclusion, the Dachshund Labrador mix is one of the most loving dogs making her the best friend you can ever have. Be sure to find a well-schooled breeder who can provide a health guarantee on the pups.

This is an important step before settling for hybridization.

More to that consult her breeders about what to expect from her when you take her home.


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