Best Dog Water Bowls For Sloppy Drinkers

As much as we love our dogs, we know that they can get quite messy during feeding time. It is impossible to have nothing to spill over around them.

At times you may even sit back and think to yourself that they may be doing it intentionally.

One gulp and the rest is dribbled all over the corridors and stairs.

The mess the pooches leave behind is always very unpleasant.

Unless you are fine with this mess, here is an ultimate guide to some of the best rated bowls designed for those sloppy drinkers.

This is just what you need if you have been longing for that nice and dry floor all through.

1.The Neater Feeder Deluxe Dog

This is one mess proof water bowl that has been praised by practically every dog owner who has tried it out.

Besides having a sleek modern design, it comes with the ideal make to prevent spills from your canine friend.

With the three range of sizes to choose from, the medium, small and large, you can always choose the suitable size for your doggy.

You also have a variety of colours to choose from.

There is the bronze, midnight black, gunmetal grey, cranberry, cappuccino and gamo green.

This is one bowl that obeys the principles of sloppy feeders to the letter.

It is designed with two feeding bowls which are fitted with a spill guard on the front side.

More to that, it comes with a second bottom layer that targets any spills and directs them to a common place.
This makes the clean-up process fast enough and efficient.

Your dog’s feeding area will always stay neat and tidy with this neater feeder.


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    EXCELLENT SET UP - It makes the clean-up process very easy.
  • check
    DURABILITY - ​It helps to prevent the floor from damage.
  • check
    NO SPILLAGE - It comes with a bottom tray which collects the spilled water.
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    TIME-SAVING - There will be no spills as they are contained within the feeder itself. This can save you time from cleaning floors or walls. 


  • RUST - Bowl might rust. 
  • SHORT STANDS - You might need to get additional stands to make it taller.

2.The Road Fresher Dog Bowl

This is the ideal portable bowl for a pet on the move.

It comes with a thick rim that prevents spills on your kitchen floor as well as keep the dog’s eyes, chin and ears dry.

The plastic used to make this bowl is BPA free therefore you need not worry about the health safety of your doggy.

In addition to that, the bowl has three major parts.

These include; the black topper, the bowl and the middle floater.
The floater is quite helpful especially for those who carry their dog pets in their RVs.

This middle floater takes care of any spills that may be caused by bumpy roads by restricting water flow.

With this bowl, your doggy always has enough water to drink but never has extra to spill over.

Although this bowl can be used at home, it requires constant refills if you have a big drinker with you.

The bottom is non-skid making it quite easy for the curious dogs to tip it over.
If you have a master trickster for a pet, then you might have a hard time with this bowl.


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    EASY TO CLEAN - The bowl is easy to dismantle for cleaning.
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    TRAVEL FRIENDLY - It can be used while travelling or at home.
  • check
    DISHWASHER SAFE - It is made from the heat resistant polypropylene therefore it is dishwasher safe.
  • check
    ANTI-SPILLS - It comes in a simple and unique design which eliminates any spills.


  • SMALL CAPACITY - It has a smaller holding capacity that most bowls. So it requires you to refill quite often. 
  • NON-SKID - The bottom of this bowl is non-skid hence can be tipped over.

3.The Neater Feeder Express Bowl

This is a standard dog bowl to help with the sloppy dogs.

The bowl is fitted with a splash guard at the top to prevent spills on the floor as she is feeding.

The water that is spilled over by your dog is drained to the bottom tray. This ensures that the dogs feeding areas is always neat and clean.

The design is suitable for the small dogs that weigh about 18lbs and are 9 inches wide at the shoulders.

The fact that all spills are contained within the feeder, this saves you time while cleaning the walls and floors around the feeding area.

For convenience, the whole feeder is dish washer safe including the top and bottom basins.

If your dog likes to tip over her dish, this feeder has non-skid feet which have been fitted with rubber to prevent sliding.

It has two size options to choose from, for both the medium and the small dog breeds.


  • check
    EASY TO CLEAN - It has easy cleaning procedures especially because of the spills catchment areas.
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    ANTI-SLIDING - It has non-skid feet to prevent sliding.
  • check
    DISHWASHER SAFE - It is safe to wash the bowl in a dishwasher.
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    SPLASH GUARD - It has a splash guard to protect your floor and walls.
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    OUTDOOR AND INDOOR USE - The bowl can be used anywhere because it is heavy duty. 


  • SIZE - It cannot be used with large dog breeds.
  • LOOSENESS - The non-skid feet are loosely attached
  • close
    EASY DETACHMENT - Pets might be able to detach the top and bottom bowl because it lacks an attachment pin.

4.The Slopper Stopper Dripless Water Bowl

The Slopper stopper dripless comes in a sleek modern design. It is transparent and has snaps on the lids to prevent water from messing the floor.

This feature also discourages the dog from having large gulps at once therefore prevents chocking.

Additionally, this feature keeps her eyes and ears dry.

The bowl is ideal for medium sized and large dogs that weigh about 30 to 90 pounds.

The water bowl holds up to 40 ounces therefore does not require constant refills.

In one refill, you could add about 1.4 litres of water so you are sure your dog will stay hydrated all day long even when you are away.

The bowl has water level knockouts which adjusts the water level on a ball shape which helps to raise the level of water to the preferred level.

The bottom part of this feeder has a non-slip material. It is also BPA free therefore you don’t have to worry about the safety of your dog.


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    NO CHOKING - It prevents the dog from chocking because of slower drinking.
  • check
    EASY CLEANING - It has easy cleaning procedures.
  • check
    NON-SLIP MATERIAL - It is safe to wash the bowl in a dishwasher.
  • check
    NO WETNESS - It keeps the dog’s beard as well as the ears dry.


  • POSSIBLE CHEWING - The attached rubber plug may be irresistible to those dog breeds who like to chew on things.
  • FREQUENT REFILLS - This water bowl may require up to two refills daily for the heavy drinkers.

5.ABNO1 Dog Water Bowl 

Maybe you have that canine friend who constantly chokes and spills water all over the house.

This bowl has just the right design to suit her.

It comes with a floating anti-splash lid that prevents spills from your pet when she is drinking.

More to that, the lid inserted in the bowl prevents the water from dust therefore it remains fresh and clean throughout the day.

The materials used to make this bowl are safe as they are ABS non-toxic, tasteless as well as odourless.

The assembling procedure of this bowl is easy. This is because, it has no seals or plugs.
All you need to do is place the top on the base then you can get started.

It is also multifunctional therefore besides being used as a water bowl, you can use it to feed her.


  • check
    NO MESS - It prevents water mess on the floor.
  • check
    NO WETNESS - It keeps the dog’s ears and beards dry.
  • check
    SLOW DOWN DRINKING - It is effective in slowing down pets who drink really fast then end up getting sick.
  • check
    SAFETY - The materials are safe hence you don’t have to worry about your dog’s health.


  • STABILITY - Larger dog breeds can still manage to push down the floater.
  • FREQUENT REFILLS - This water bowl may require up to two refills daily for the heavy drinkers.

6.The Hyrex Torus Dog Water Bowl

This is a dog water bowl for the sloppy drinkers since it is designed with a sleek material that uses the gravity-fed feature to prevent your dog from splashing and messing the feeding area.

The in-built filter helps to keep your dog’s water clean and free from dust.

The fact that it can comfortably hold about 2 litres of water, this means it does not require regular refills for your pooch to stay hydrated throughout the day.

It maintains a low level of water therefore the splashing back and water messes are taken care of.

To feed your dog with water, it does not require batteries or electricity, just the gravity.

The solid make ensures that it is stable in order to prevent cases of tripping over.

It is also very light in weight hence making it portable.


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    FILTERED WATER - It delivers filtered water to your pooch.
  • check
    REDUCED MESS - It reduces splashes and messes on the floor.
  • check
    GRAVITY FORCE - It does not require electricity or batteries, just the gravity force.
  • check
    STABILITY - It is very stable hence reducing chances of your dog tripping it over.
  • check
    PORTABILITY - It is light in weight hence portable.


  • FREQUENT REFILLS - With larger breeds, the bowl has to be refilled about 2 to 3 times a day.
  • CLEANING PROCEDURES - The cleaning procedures seems hectic.

Final thoughts

Pretty much every dog breed can be a sloppy drinker if they find it intriguing.

However, there are some who are considered to be sloppier compared to others.

You can always minimize their spills but it doesn’t mean you will deal with it for good.
This is because of the technique dog’s use to drink water.

They majorly rely on their tongue smashing onto the surface of the water just to take a sip.

This will obviously leave small splashes leading to a messy floor.

When purchasing a bowl for your pooch, there are a few factors you will have to consider.

These will include;

a)Shape of the bowl

Dog bowls come in different shapes.

Bowls that have a wider bottom fitted with tapered walls and a rubber bottom are always ideal for sloppy drinkers.

This is because the shape will also prevent the dog from pushing the bowl and tipping it over.

Most active dogs might actually pour the entire drink.

You can also purchase bowls that are narrow and deep in case your dog has long ears.

If you purchased a shallow and wide bowl, your dog has a high chance of getting water into their ears which may be uncomfortable to her.


Stainless steel is ideal for strong dogs since it will hold its ground even if the dog pushes it around.

It is also very easy to clean it since you can easily through them into the dish washer.

Ceramic bowls are also good for use since they prevent bacteria and any other harmful agents from growing in it.

You can maintain the cleanliness just for your dog’s safety.


Dogs drink up to twenty-five millilitres of water every day.

It is always a good idea to find a bowl that will accommodate this amount of water without spilling it.

The amount of water a dog drinks also depends on size, age and the weather outside.

Try finding a bowl that will fit the needs of your dog.


As discuss earlier, sometimes bacteria can grow in the water bowl due to the humid conditions. 

That is why you need to purchase a drinking bowl that will be easy to clean.

Find a material that doesn’t favour the growth of bacteria.

Additionally, you can always clean the bowl after your dog finishes the water.

Dogs need a clean environment too just to minimize infections.

In conclusion, I hope with the above list and guide, you now have a variety of options to choose from when you decide to purchase a drinking bowl.

Remember to take your time and study your dog’s drinking habits so that you can find the best bowl for her.

Not all dogs are sloppy drinkers.

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