Healthy Eating Habits – Can Dogs Eat Pork?

Just like human beings, dogs deserve to be fed healthily. To ensure healthy dieting it is essential for the owner to provide a proper daily routine is put in place.
Despite having a wide range of products from which we can feed our dogs from, there is a heated debate on the healthiest way to feed dogs pork meat.

Therefore in this article, we will discuss how safe or unsafe if dogs are fed with pork meat, the form in which the meat should be presented to the dogs among others.

Is Pork Harmful To Dogs?

To start with, this is not just a YES and NO question, it requires detailed information to support each choice.
Thus, feeding pork to the dogs is not bad.

However, specific parameters must be met for it to be safe.
Pork meat must be cooked well first to kill the dangerous worms found in the pork meat.

Under-cooked or raw pork meat contains trichinella muscle larvae which lead to intestinal roundworms in dogs.

The presence of such infections in the dog is harmful and can lead to:

  • Eyelid swelling especially the upper one
  • Strong body pain
  • Soreness in the muscles

To prevent such problems, it is essential to cook the pork meat long enough ensuring that they are reduced significantly.

Also, freeze the meat for about two to three weeks to ensure that all parasites are removed before cooking it.  

More importantly, while cooking ensures that you keep the process as simple as possible. Their meat should not be seasoned with garlic and onions are very toxic to the dog.

Therefore, if one is going to follow the requirement in feeding the dog safe pork meat, then pork meat is not harmful to dogs.
However, if one fails to cook thoroughly and freeze it for the specified period, the pork meat is not safe for the dogs.

Also, in case you feed your dog leftovers ensure it is not seasoned or spiced.
As much the meat maybe safe for consumption since it is cooked, seasoning is not healthy for dogs.

The too high content of sugar and salt should be avoided.
However, giving your occasional dog treat is not harmful as long as you keep it at a low profile.

What Quantity Of Pork Can The Dog Eat?

If it is the first time you are introducing pork meat to the dog diet, it is essential you give in small bits.
The reason is that dogs are prone to pork allergy than any other type of meat.

In case of an unusual behavior after feeding the dog with pork, even if it is not a major issue, it is advisable you consult with the veterinarian and cease to feed more of it.

However, if there is no negative reaction from the pet, feed the dog pork meat in portions in an increasing manner.

It should be noted that pork meat contains fats that are not easily digestible and can lead to indigestion inflammation of the dog pancreas.
Thus, even if the pork is still safe for your dog do not feed it excessively.

Also, there are specific forms of pork that one should avoid when it comes to dog dieting. Processed meat such as bacon and ham are not safe for dog consumption as they have high salt content that can cause bloating, dehydration leading to pancreatitis.

Can dogs eat pork

How Is Pork Meat Important Part Of Dogs’ Diet?

Research shows that pork meat is highly nutritious and a good source of protein.
For that matter, it is essential to feed the dog with the right amount.

However, it should form part of the diet that you feed or plan on feeding your dog.
Just like the saying too much of something is poisonous the same thing applies to dogs especially while feeding pork meat.

Hence dogs should be fed low portions of pork meat as too much of it may cause health issues as stated above.

Is It Okay To Have Pork Bone For Dogs?

Most of the time we do not stop to think if feeding our dogs with pork bones is healthy or not. Especially when we have too much of the bones at our disposal, we just through them to dogs and assume that they are beneficial without considering any harm that may be associated with such acts.

The cleaning effect of raw bones in general, not only pork bones, are more effective than kibbles or any other food. In addition, they do not contain harmful additives or ingredients.

Can dogs eat pork bones

According to Tom Lonsdale's book "Work Wonders: Feed Your Dogs Raw Meaty Bones", evidence has shown that raw bones can boost oral health.
By eating raw bones, pooches have faeces that are less smelly due to the reason that their body makes full use of the nutrients in bones rather than those of the processed foods. 

However, owners should be cautious as always whenever introducing new food to their dogs. They should be monitored for any negative reactions to the pork bone meal. 

Dogs are more prone to be allergic to pork compared to other types of meats. Hence if they show any signs skin or digestive problems, please stop feeding them with pork and the raw bones.  

Please keep close attention to the dogs whenever they are given a raw bone. This is to make sure that they do not choke and chew it properly. 

Why Can’t Dogs Eat Pork Meat?

Pork meat itself is not bad for dogs. Thus dogs can have pork meat.
However, one needs to understand that pork meat is unique and hence requires to be handled carefully when giving it to the dogs.

Then, if pork meat is not bad why can’t dogs have it?
In most cases, dog owners love them so much that they want to give their dogs “good food.”

Who said good food is the one which is spicy?
Dogs are not human beings, and in most cases, they prefer uncooked meat, but due to the nature of pork meat, it must be cooked.

Thus, while preparing pork meat for dogs avoid seasoning as it is not healthy.

Also giving dog’s raw pork is very bad. Pork meat contains trichinella spiralis larvae parasites that can cause the dog to vomit, diarrhea or fever.

Even while cooking, ensures that you cook the meat thoroughly cooked.
Undercooked meat can also cause similar problems. 

Pork meat contains fats that are hard for dogs to digest, it is, therefore, essential to give dogs in small portions until they are used to it.

Thus, the dogs can eat pork meat as long as the owner cooks the meat entirely and keep it simple.

Can Pork Meat Cause Allergy To Dogs?

Research has proven that pork meat can cause allergy to dogs.
In that case it is advisable to give your dogs pork meat in small bits.

Ensure close observation of your pet to note any adverse changes.

If there are any adverse reactions after feeding your dog with pork meat, it is advisable you consult with your veterinarian.

Dogs are allergic to pork, lamb and rabbit meat.
Hence be extra careful when administering such meat especially for the first time to your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Pork Meat? The answer is Yes and No.
Kyra says

If one follows the standards that are required then dogs can eat pork meat.
Such standards include: cook the meat thoroughly, keep it simple while cooking in that one should not season the meat, avoid giving pork bones and also raw pork meat should not be given.

However, if one is not able to follow those small rules, it is better to remove pork meat part of your dog's diet.

What Are The Alternatives For Pork Meat?

Instead of risking the life of your dog feeding pork meat, there are a whole lot of other foods that can be given to dogs.
Such foods may include; beef meat, goat meat, and among others.

Is Processed Meat Healthy For Dogs?

Processed pork meat such as ham and bacon contains a high level of salt.
A lot of salt is not healthy for dogs as it can lead to dehydration.

Once the dogs are dehydrated they will tend to take a lot of water which may later lead to bloating.

Ham is not good for dogs

Also too much salt may cause blood pressure and kidney failure in dogs.
Thus, in simple terms, it is not healthy to feed your dogs with pork meat.


Fully cooked pork and without seasoning is not harmful to dogs.
The high content of indigestible fats present can be controlled by minimizing the quantity and the number of times you feed pork to your dog.

However, avoid seasoned meat, raw pork and cooked bones if you want your dog to remain healthy.

Given the full range of dog food available today, it should be easier for us to prevent unhealthy feeding.

Also, one should monitor the dog's behavior especially after feeding new food to the dog.

In case of unhealthy signs in a dog, be quick to contact the veterinarian for assistance.

Have you fed your dogs with pork meat before?
Do let us know in the comment box below! 

Thank you for reading! 


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