German Shepherd Boxer Mix – A Guide To Their Personality and Needs

If you have a German Shepherd Boxer Mix dog or are thinking about getting one, congratulations!

Mix breed dogs are usually healthier than purebred dogs and they still have matching personalities and a cute look.

Isn’t that the best of both worlds?

However, if you don’t understand their unique needs, natural instincts and personalities you will encounter many problems along the way.

That’s why in this article, we’re going to talk about the German Shepherd Boxer Mix, their appearance, personality, grooming needs, what you should expect and a lot more.

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As both parents are very different in appearance, it will be difficult to determine how the puppy is going to look like.

But, they usually become large and powerfully built dogs.

Here are a few characteristics of the German Shepherd Boxer mix:


You can expect the German Shepherd Boxer Mix to almost always have a large size.

Both parents (The German Shepherd and the Boxer) are large size dogs.


The German Shepherd Boxer Mix average weight goes from 65 to 95 lbs.It will depend on a few factors.

You should not take this dog’s weight lightly.

Many German Shepherd Boxer Mix dogs reach around 70 lbs as soon as they hit the 1-year mark.

Can you believe that?


When it comes to how tall they’ll get, they usually grow up to reach an average height between 23 to 28 inches.

german shepherd boxer

A Nice Mix

If you love both the German Shepherd and the Boxer, you’ll get a nice mix of both …

The puppies may have darker face marking around the eyes and the mouth.

They tend to have a muzzle that is somewhere in between the German Shepherd and the Boxer muzzle, and they usually have the floppy ears of the boxer.

Their coat is usually short like the coat of the Boxer, but thick and sometimes double coated like the German Shepherd.


In sum: What the Boxer German Shepherd Mix will look like is a mix of both parent’s genes.



You now know that both parent’s genes will influence how the puppy will look like.

Is this also true for how they’ll behave?

Let’s take a look…

It is literally a guarantee that the German Shepherd Boxer Mix will be an excellent guard dog because both the German Shepherd and the Boxer are known for their excellent guarding skills.

If you’re getting a Boxer German Shepherd Mix, you’ll be getting an intelligent, large and powerful dog that will need a lot of mental and physical stimulation.

You’ll get a loyal, patient and playful dog.


Don’t be fooled: Both parent breeds are great guard dogs so be careful when introducing people entering your home.

Although they can be great friends with other pets, they have herding and hunting instincts and you need to take this into consideration when going for walks.

The desire to hunt, chase or herd will depend on each dog, but you should keep their inherited instincts in mind.

Both German Shepherds and Boxers form deep bonds with their families and may develop separation anxiety.

So, the mixed breed dog could be the same.

To combat separation anxiety in your Shepherd Boxer Mix, consider early training and enrichment toys such as the classic Kong Toy.

This will keep your dog relaxed and entertained when you leave for a few hours.

Despite their sizes, they can make great family pets.

They have a devotion to the family backed up with a protective streak that is found in both parent breeds.

But, they are gentle and tolerant of the family members.

You might notice his intelligence even from puppyhood.

Despite his goofy behavior, he’s a really smart dog.

Your Lifestyle

Take into account your lifestyle because:

•They will demand your affection and attention

•They don’t like being alone and are prone to develop separation anxiety

•They highly value family interaction on a daily basis

So, if you are the type of person who works a lot and won’t have much time to bond with your dog, reconsider your options.


There is some good news concerning the health of the Boxer German Shepherd Mix.

This dog is known for not having a significant number of health problems during their lifetime.

It’s believed that when combing the DNA of two different breeds, the offspring will be a robust dog with fewer health issues, this is sometimes true, but it’s worth checking out their parent’s main health risks to take preventative measures.


• Hip Dysplasia

• Aortic stenosis

• Boxer cardiomyopathy (BCM)

• Cancer

• Allergies

• Gastric dilation-volvulus (Bloat)

• Hypothyroidism

German Shepherd

• Elbow Dysplasia

• Hip dysplasia

• Gastric dilation-volvulus (GDV) or bloat

• Degenerative Myelopathy


The average lifespan of the Boxer German Shepherd is about 10 to 13 years.

This will depend on a few factors.

One of these factors is the weight.

The weight is one of the most important factors when estimating how long your Boxer German Shepherd will live.

A general rule of thumb is that if your dog weighs 90+ lbs he will live approximately 8 to 10 years, whereas if he weighs less than 90 lbs he will live for approximately 11 to 12 years.

If you are adopting your dog go through all his health records before bringing him home.

If you are getting one from an ethical breeder, there’s nothing you should worry about health wise.

boxer german shepherd mix


When it comes to how much a German Shepherd Boxer Mix sheds hair, it will vary from dog to dog.

It will vary because each Shepherd Boxer Mix might have a different type of coat.

Some of them take after the Boxer parent’s coat while the other takes after the German Shepherd parent’s coat.

If your dog takes after the German Shepherd parent’s coat, then you will need to have a strict brushing schedule in place because he will shed a lot.

But if he takes after the Boxer parent’s coat, you won’t need a strict brushing schedule because Boxers don’t shed as much as German Shepherds.

Besides brushing your dog at least once a week, be prepared to brush him daily during autumn, when shedding hair tends to be heavier.


The German Shepherd Boxer Mix is an above the average dog when it comes to intelligence.

However, you should keep in mind that due to his excessive amount of energy it can be a challenge to get him focused on the training session sometimes.

With patience, diligent training, and proper exercise, you can get him to focus on you and your training sessions will be a blast.

Limitations of owning a German shepherd boxer mix

Health problems

The German shepherd is prone to canine hip dysplasia, obesity, and allergies among others. It, therefore, becomes very expensive for most dog owners to maintain such a dog.

Besides that they might demand regular checkup to ensure that they are well all the time.

It is hard to get good breeders

A good breed is the one whose parent is all around healthy. Buying unhealthy breed is not good as the lifespan is reduced to and also the cost of maintaining a sick dog is expensive.

Therefore, before purchasing one you should first get a brief history of the health conditions of the parents and their general behavior.

Having such information is important as it will help in ensuring you select only the best breed among many.

They are very demanding

The German shepherd does not like to be left alone all day long. Given that we are career people it becomes very difficult on how to meet such demands.

Not unless it is a self-employed job, your boss cannot allow you to take your dog to the workplace. They demand regular checkup and training time which is hardly available.

Training time is also needed because they are very intelligent; they require adequate training for physical health to keep their brains active.

Shedding their coat

The German shepherd is hairy and as such, they shed all year round.

It could be annoying and demanding more cleaning work as most dog owners want they compound to be neat all the time.

Also if the mix exhibits the physical traits of the boxer, it requires regular trimming of the hair to keep it short and neat.

The hairy ones need to be brushed at least twice a week.

german shepherd mix with boxer

Benefits of having a German shepherd around

Intelligent dog

The German shepherd is known for being among the top intelligent dogs across the world. They have a strong sense of smell.

They are most common in the police department and security officers.

They are able to detect criminals and weapons.

A healthy breed

The German shepherd breed is known to have the least of health complications.

It only needs to be fed from a proper diet and exercising regularly.

german shepherd boxer mix

An excellent guard

The German shepherd is known to provide the best security for its owner.

It is sweet and charming but it is quite aggressive with strangers.

Having it around you are rest assured that your home is secure as it will always alert you when there is any break in.

Great personality

The dog has an awesome personality such as being obedient, courageous and watchful. Though it can be quite aggressive.

It is also sociable and wants always to stay close to the owner.

Thus such personality makes it suitable as a family pet more than a guard.

Easy to train

Unlike other dogs, its high level of intelligence makes it easy to be trained.


The German Shepherd Boxer Mix is a great family pet and an excellent guard dog!

They are loyal to the family and will demand your affection and attention.

Daily bonding time such as play, positive training sessions or a walk to the park is necessary for this dog to thrive.

What about you?

What do you think is the greatest characteristic of the German Shepherd Boxer Mix?

Tell us in the comments below and share this post on social media.

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  1. I have one and his name is Reef. He is highly intelligent and such a loving family dog. He will definitely alert you if he hears something! He Hands down the best combination of dogs. This article is spot on about their breed. I feel so blessed and lucky to have him.

      • I love Boxers and my wife loves German Shepherds, so we are compromising on looking for a mix Boxer/German Shepherd. Does anyone know of any breeders for this amazing mix? We are in Texas and have found them on ads but parents history is unknown most of the time. Can someone suggest a website or breeder?

  2. mine is lucky and he just turned 3 and your site described him to a tea. He refuses to lay down but he will let you know he has to potty and if someone is outside. He is the best dog and we found him at 2 months old on our porch early in the morning. 2 am, we just took in a dog that my mom accidentally hit. He is a boxador and Lucky definatley said he was alpha but for the most part them both being boxer i can see why they would get along.

    • He is so lucky to have been found by you and your family! It reminded me of my sister because she found a puppy outside her house one morning, too. I think it is fate!

    • I’m so sorry to hear that your dad wanted to do so. Have you tried to negotiate with him to keep your doggie for a week? In this period, you could try to prove him that you are capable of looking after it. Sometimes, it could be his concern that he would end up looking after it all the time.

  3. Mines is Samson and he surely fits his name. 100 pounds pds of lean muscle with a playful goofy face. I rescued him from the pound and I have never been happier. He loves his daily runs at the dog park rain or shine & our training sessions. His favorite game is hide and go seek he always finds me no matter where I hide in the house. He is friendly to everyone not at all aggressive…. unless someone who he doesn’t know walks up to me. He places his body in front of me and gives them a waning to stop. I always know when someone is close to my home as well. Thank god he is not a barker because when he does it shakes the house lol. I love my Samson ♥

  4. My Boxer Shepherd, Copper, is just over a year old and my absolute best friend. She is so smart, she picked up on phrases / routines quickly and several of them. She will look for her ball is you ask her where it is, she knows “let’s do another one” when we are playing fetch, she immediately goes to the gate to accompany me to the dumpster if I take out a trash bag, and she will jog to the car if I jingle my keys when we are ready to leave the park. She was pretty easy to train, but she does require a lot of activity and attention. Copper is vocal and persistent if she doesn’t get your undivided attention. Even if you are playing with her, she will go to other people in the room who are looking at their phone to get their attention too. I would 100% recommend this dog to anyone who will devote park-time or a run everyday to keep them from getting bored or down. They are such unique dogs in their look and nature.

  5. We rescued a boxer/german shepherd mix from our local humane society 2.5 years ago. She weighed 45 pounds when we took her home. Vet thought she was about a year old when she came home with us. She now weights 89 pounds without a shred of fat on her. She sheds very little and is an extreme friendly dog. My Dad raised and trained labs for decades. Our dog (Kia) is by far the softest mouth dog I have ever known. She has a big growl but just no bit. She loves to play hard and she is an independent soul. Kia growls when she sees a another dog (she lives in our living room bay window) but she loves to play with other dogs. She does NOT like to be away from us at all. You description of the boxer/shepherd mix is very helpful and describes Kia to a tee. Thank you!

  6. I have 11 weeks old German shepherd boxer mix I would like to know how big and how tall it. Get And he loves playing in buying them stuff is that normal for a 11 weeks old German Shepherd and boxer mix

    • Hi Ronald, thanks for dropping by! I wish I could give you an exact answer but every dog is unique. I think a dog that plays is better than an inactive young pooch. Please make sure all toys are played under your supervision. 🙂

  7. I am going to meet up with a rescue who has a 3 month old Boxer / GS Puppy. I was wondering once she gets old enough taking her to the dog park in the small puppy or training area only to get her used to the park. Any experience with them at dog parks?


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