German Shepherd VS Golden Retriever And Their Mix

This is a very popular hybrid dog I must admit. She is as a result of cross breeding the German Shepherd with the Golden Retriever.

This particular one has captured the hearts of many dog lovers around the globe.

They would prefer the Golden Shepherd over any other mix because of the outstanding attributes that come with each of the parent breeds.

German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix

In this article, the essence is to compare the German Shepherd with the Golden Retriever, featuring their temperament, maintenance, intelligence as well as their shedding.

In addition, we will discuss the hybrid, Golden shepherd in detail and analyse her characteristics too.

The German shepherd Vs the Golden Retriever

The German Shepherd is one of the most popular breeds in America. She is globally known for her intelligence not forgetting her agility.

She was first identified by the American Kennel Club as a member of the Sporting group in 1925.

She is majorly used as a working dog especially for police work, in essence; tracking criminals and patrols.

Her History can be traced back to the 1899 where she originated from a mix of shepherd dogs.

Moreover, in 1907 the German Shepherd Dog Club of America helped in the springing up and thriving the breed in America.

On the other hand, the Golden Retriever is one of the most adored canine breeds.

This is because of her accommodating and tolerant nature that qualifies her for a family pet.

She is a capable working dog too.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd

This breed is known for her unique tactics of retrieving game for hunters, sniffing out narcotics and tracking hence an ideal assistant dog.

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•The German shepherd weighs up to 40kgs with her height ranging from 58-64 centimetres while the Golden retriever weighs from 25-34kgs and her height up to 61 centimetres.

•The Shepherds are moderately active dogs that are very eager to learn and take up responsibilities while the Retrievers are too focused on allocated tasks. If not watched properly, they can work until they crack up.

•The Shepherds have outstanding levels of curiosity which qualifies them as the ideal watch dogs. On the other hand, the Retrievers are gentle, trusting and love people making them less effective guards.

•The German Shepherds are loyal partners who can become very overprotective of their owners if not well socialized from a young age just like the Golden Retrievers who are a social breed that does well in the company of people.

•Ranked the 3rd best dog in intelligence is the German Shepherd. She is at top list on the most desirable rescue as well as police dogs.

This is because of her extra ordinary ability to accurately interpret instructions and her strong sense of smell.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retrievers on the other hand are ranked 4th as far as intelligence is concerned. They are definitely easy to train and respond to commands efficiently.

•The German Shepherd is hostile to strangers and rarely gets along with unfamiliar faces unlike the Golden Retriever who is equally friendly to both strangers and those she well knows.

•The German Shepherds are great family companions as pets.

All in all, you are advised not to provoke them to anger because they bite deeper than a Pit Bull.

On the contrary, the Golden Retrievers are patient with kids and make good family pets considering the fact that they naturally can’t show any form of aggression, may it be to a human or another dog.

•While the German Shepherds have a hard time mingling with other dogs from the neighbourhood in an amicable and mischievous manner, the Golden Retrievers are compatible with other dogs, cats and other livestock that can be found in a homestead.


The German Shepherds as well as the Golden Retrievers have constant seasonal shedding throughout the year.

The Goldie has a dense yellow, golden coat though you can find them in white and red colours at times.

The GSD (German Shepherd Dog) in the contrary has a thick undercoat that comes mostly in black and tan though it’s quite common to find blue and white colours too in some cases.

This therefore demands for daily brushing to prevent that scenario where everything in the house is covered in dog’s fur.

For the Golden Retrievers especially, frequent baths are necessary because they are known to emit that doggie odour.


The Golden Retriever is known for her eagerness to please her master which makes her shine in obedience classes.

She is more of the outdoor type therefore needs you to have a spacious backyard.

She will participate in most outdoor activities like long walks in the park and hiking.

The Golden Retriever is outstanding in the following activities;

•Swimming and dock jumping

•Field trials

•Sports and games

The German Shepherd loves to be engaged in various activities too especially tracking, agility or task oriented games.

This is because if left alone, the boredom will lead them to adopting some separation anxiety side effects like chewing on things or being destructive.

Health and lifespan

The German Shepherd has a maximum life expectancy of 12 years while the Retriever has a maximum of 13 years.

The Retrievers are prone to certain genetic disorders and other ailments such as hip dysplasia which are common in the German Shepherd too.

The German shepherd however is a risky breed in the Health department and is prone to some additional health problems like;

•Heart disease

•Skin disease

•Stomach disorders

•Elbow dysplasia

•Autoimmune diseases.

With the above discussed pros and cons of each breed, you might be wondering which of the two is the best for you.

Do you go German Shepherd or Golden Retriever?

This can be a hard decision to make facing the fact that each has equally good traits to offer.

This now raises the question of cross breeding where instead of choosing one, you can opt to have a taste of each in the appealing Golden Shepherd or rather the German Retriever mix.

However, the question is, does the two make an ideal breed?

Well, I think it’s time we find out!

The German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

Perhaps the most loyal breed; the Golden shepherd is one of the most impressive companion mix.

She is commonly known to many as the Golden Shepherd.

This puppy easily warms her way to any dog lover or master. Her popularity and demand has increased over the years owing to the resulting characteristics of breeding her parents.

Most of the positive traits in the parents are expressed in this hybrid making her the close to perfect of the two.

Golden Retriever German Shepherd Mix

Personality and Temperament

This dog loves staying close to her owner. She is exceptionally friendly and less aggressive to most strangers.

Her affection charm makes her lovable especially when it comes to kids.

Moreover, she is very playful and full of energy and life.

Owing to her parent breeds, she naturally has courage and confidence that makes her very protective of her family members.

Don’t expect her to back down in a standoff with other pups!

However, she requires a bit of training to keep this trait in check.

It is important to note that her temperament is quite a task to predict.

The best explanation is because mixed breeds are not equal to their parents and they tend to take over traits from one parent more than the other.

At times it is impossible to know which parent will dominate and manifest her traits more in the mix.

With that in mind, there are some characters that are usually common in most golden shepherd breeds no matter the dominant parent;

•The golden shepherd is always happy among people she loves

•She is highly active especially in outdoor activities

•She is a great swimmer

Don’t forget to look for a breeder with high professionalism and interact with him to know what to expect from your hybrid.

Size and Appearance


Well, I’m sure you have noticed that the two parent breeds are almost similar in size. With that in mind, you can easily guess the size of this hybrid.

The Golden shepherd is usually a middle sized dog about 26 inches long and weighs between 60 to 80 pounds.

b)Appearance and coat colour

Depending on the breeder and the parent selection, this hybrid can appear like any of the two parents.

Her coat may be fairly long just like her golden retriever parent.

This means more shedding and more grooming.

She comes in different colours which may include;







•Or blue

Now that you know what to expect before getting a golden shepherd, it is time you learn how to take care of her.


All dogs need some love and affection from their masters.

The best way to do it is by dedicating some of your time to her grooming and physical maintenance.

Well, the Golden shepherd is no exception.


With the golden retriever as a parent breed you can obviously assume that the golden shepherd is definitely a ‘shedder’.

She has long fur that sheds almost all through the year although sometimes it may be more frequent than other times.

This means that you probably need a vacuum cleaner to clean off the hairs from surfaces on a regular basis.

Mix of Golden Retriever and German Shepherd

You are required to brush off her fur on a daily basis to reduce her shedding.

This should not worry you since it is a common thing to most dogs.

Some may actually require this type of care more than the golden shepherd so that they can have that shiny and healthy coat.

The German retriever should be bathed only when necessary. For instance; after long days of play in the yard or when they seem too dirty.

This way you will prevent her skin from becoming too dry.

Try keeping her nails short, cleaning her ears at least on weekly basis and brushing her teeth at least twice a week.


As we have stated earlier, the Golden shepherd is full of energy.

An exercise schedule is without doubt necessary for her to prevent boredom, maintaining her strong body and good health conditions.

If not properly exercised, the Golden shepherd may cause havoc in the house, probably leading to breakage of your antiques.

No one would want that!

Make sure she gets at least an hour of exercise every day.

You can take her along during your morning runs, maybe go hiking together, or even swimming with her.

There are endless possibilities of what you can do to exercise together since she is very energetic.

You can also take this golden opportunity to bond with her and surely she will love it.

c)Dietary needs

Most hybrids usually have a delicate diet plan.

You will need to consult her vet or her breeders concerning what she should eat. Generally, here are some of the measures you should consider whenever you want to feed her;

•The food needs to have low protein levels (between 18 to 19%)

•The food needs to have minimum fat levels (about 5%)

•You should try avoiding corn, sugar or soy in her food since they are not very good sources of carbohydrates for her.

•Add supplements that will strengthen her bones and boost her growth rate.

•Try omega-3 fatty acid feeds for example veggies and fish foods.

With these few guidelines, you won’t get mixed up on her right dietary plan.


The Golden retriever has an amazing IQ level hence you need not stress about her training sessions. They might be shorter and easier than you expect.

All in all, her training should begin at a tender age in order for her to be able to retain it throughout her life.

Make sure you keep her motivated by giving her rewards every time she does it right. For instance; you can reward her with toys or treats.

This will keep her spirit high and she will always look forward to the next training session.

Health Conditions and Life Span

Before taking your favourite doggy home, it is advisable to take time and identify the adjacent health problems she is prone to. This will help you to plan on her health schedule and be sure of the best possible ways to take care of her.

Most hybrids are prone to health problems that initially affected the individual parent breeds.

Here are some of the ones a German retriever is prone to:


•Eye problems

•Hip dysplasia


Golden Shepherd Dog


•Ear mites


In most cases, Golden shepherds have a life span of up to 14 years if they maintain a healthy life style.

Be sure to keep her in good health conditions and always take her to the vet for regular check-ups.

If you follow everything to the letter, she will be yours for quite a long time.

In Conclusion

Now that you know about the German shepherd Golden retriever mix in and out, my guess is that you already are considering bringing one to your home.

You’ll have the ideal loyal, friendly and energetic family dog.

What more would you ask for from a canine?

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