Moyen Poodle (The Definitive Guide)

You want to know more about the Moyen Poodle, but there aren’t many places on the internet with information about them!

Look no further! This article will answer your questions.

Would you like to learn what makes a Poodle defined as a Moyen? Want to know what differentiates them from their neighbors, the Miniature and Standard Poodle?


In this article you’re going to learn:

  • What is a Moyen Poodle
  • The meaning of the word Moyen and Poodle
  • The Moyen Poodle origin and other names
  • Its size, height, lifespan, and weight
  • How to train it effectively
  • The different types of clips

And a lot more! Keep reading!


What is a Moyen Poodle?

Moyen means medium.The Moyen Poodle is the 4th size of the Poodle breed and is not as small as the Miniature Poodle, and is not as tall as the Standard Poodle.

In the US and in the UK, Poodles are categorized into 3 sizes:

  1. The toy Poodle (under 10 inches)
  2. The miniature Poodle (10-15 inches)
  3. The standard Poodle (over 15 inches). (source)

The American Kennel Club (AKC) and the Kennel Club UK don’t recognize the Moyen as a distinct size; but the International Poodle Standard (FCI) recognize a size in between the Miniature and the Standard poodle. That’s the Moyen poodle. (source)

The Moyen Poodle has a French origin, but they’re called by the rest of Europe as Kleins.


Moyen Poodle vs Standard Poodle

There is a huge gap between the Miniature and Standard Poodle when it comes to sizes. And the Klein/ Moyen Poodle fills in that gap. (source)

If you put a Moyen and a Standard Poodle next to each other, the only main difference you’ll find is their size.


Standard poodles are generally 25-30 inches tall. The Moyen, however, grows up to be about 15-20 inches at the shoulder.


When it comes to behavior, the Moyen Poodle is just like any other Poodle: Highly intelligent and family friendly.


Both the Standard as the Moyen Poodle have water resistant, curly coats and come in many colors such as apricot, white, black, grey, etc.



The skull of the Moyen is moderately rounded and has a definite stop. They have an intelligent and alert expression and ears folded over close to the head, slightly below the level of the eye.

Here are other similarities between the Moyen and Standard Poodle:

  • They can come in both patterns or solid colors.
  • Both have long muzzles, floppy, flat ears covered in wavy hair.
  • They generally have oval black or brown eyes widely set apart.
  • They tend to be aloof with strangers but get along fine with children and other pets.

Take a look at the information below to get an overall idea of the two types of Poodle:

Standard Poodle

Dog breed group: Companion dogLife span: 12 to 15 yearsHeight: Over 15 inchesWeight: 60 to 70 pounds (male) 40-50 pounds (female)Colors: Brown, white, black, apricot, silver

Standard Poodle

Standard Poodle

Moyen Poodle

Dog breed group: Companion dogLife span: 12 to 15 yearsHeight: 14 to 18 inches (35 to 45 cm)Weight: 20-30 pounds (9-13 kg.)Colors: Brown, white, black, apricot, silver

Moyen Poodle

Moyen Poodle

Moyen Poodle Temperament

If you have a Moyen Poodle, you are in a big advantage!It is one of the most obedient and intelligent dogs. (source)

Its easy temperament makes it the perfect pet for adoption, but this intelligence sometimes translates into stubbornness.

That’s why teaching it good manners through training is so important.

Like any other Poodle, the Moyen Poodle will need an outlet to burn off its energy despite its high class mystique.

You may take it for long walks, hiking and play frisbee.

It is really good with children and other dogs. Its reserved behavior around strangers can be tackled with early socialization.

What is considered a Moyen Poodle?

In order to be considered a Moyen Poodle, your dog must meet the following requirements:

  • It must weigh between 18 and 32 pounds
  • It must be 15 to 20 inches tall on the shoulders

Red Moyen Poodle

What’s in The Name?

Moyen Poodles love water and it’s in their name. “Poodle” means “one plays in water” in German word “Pudel”. They were also called “Caniche”, that translates into “duck dog” by the French. (source)

Bird Dogs

When people think about bird dogs they usually think of Labrador Retrievers, Vizla, Golden Retrievers or English Springer Spaniels, but, Poodles are also a great bird dog. (source)

Funny Dog

This breed loves to please and to show owners they know what is being asked of them. Their comical character has even made Poodles once be used as circus dogs.(source)

Favorite Hobbies

Their favorite activities are retrieving, swimming, agility training, and learning fun tricks.

Moyen Poodle Appearance

Basically, the only difference between the Moyen and the Miniature and Standard Poodle is their size, which makes them look similar in appearance.

The Moyen Poodle usually has its skin pigmented with the same color of its coat.

It has a distinguished, rectilinear head in proportion to the body and may have a corded or curly hair coat , the curly being a harsh natural texture.

Moyen Poodle Training

Poodles are easy to train due to their high intelligence.

When training your Moyen Poodle, stay away from harsh methods that use prong collars, choke chains and the use of force. This will only traumatize your furry friend and will destroy the relationship you’ve worked so hard to build.

Instead, use positive reinforcement methods such as clicker training or any reward-based training methods that have been scientifically proven to work.

Training your pooch will prevent behavioral issues and you enable you to have pleasurable moments with your dog.

What Should You Train?

These types of training are essential for your Moyen Poodle:

  • Housebreaking
  • Obedience training
  • Crate training
  • Socialization


Leash Training

One of the main challenges Poodle owners face is getting their dogs to walk nicely on leash. This is hard for Poodles, but not impossible.

You can even train it not to pull on the leash without treats and without going for harsh methods.

You may use a leather leash that doesn’t harm its coat or skin.

Every time your dog pulls, stop abruptly and be a tree.

When it pulls harder, wait patiently until the leash gets loose again, take a couple of steps back and move forward.

Do this every time it tenses the leash. Soon, it will learn that to keep walking it’ll have to keep the leash loose.

Important Training Tips

  • Always end with a happy training session
  • Don’t train when you’re in a negative mood (source)
  • Train it in short bursts
  • Use toys in between training sessions
  • Give your dog lots of praise

Moyen Poodle Puppy

Moyen Poodle Puppy

Moyen Poodle Health

The Moyen Poodle doesn’t have a particular health problem specific only to his breed. However it is good to aware of common health concerns of the Poodle in general.

They are generally healthy but may include:

  • distichiasis
  • glaucoma
  • cataract
  • entropion
  • lacrimal duct atresia
  • trichiasis
  • epilepsy
  • patellar luxation


If you are a getting a Moyen puppy, make sure to this from a reputable breeder who has all the health records of their parents.

Many Poodles are notorious to getting cataracts and they appear as early a 3 years old. Cataracts may lead to blindness and many Poodles are blind at the time of their death. (source)

They are also known to suffer from many allergies, but this is probably due to all the chemicals people use to hold their color and the frequent bath they take.

Moyen Poodle Grooming

Clip your Poodle every 5 to 8 weeks and bathe them regularly.

Make sure it is comfortable with having the different parts of its body being handled.

Also, check the ears for mites and wax.

Make sure to pull out the hair inside the ear canals.

The coat needs to be clipped just like doing a Pomeranian haircut because they typically don’t shed. On the contrary, you can’t shave a Husky.

There are several types of clips for Poodles. These are the most popular ones:

  • Puppy clip
  • Pet clip
  • Lamb clip
  • English saddle
  • Continental clips


There are other less popular poodle clips such as the Modified Continental clip, Kennel clip, Town or Country clip and the Miami of Bikini clip.

Moyen Poodle Hair cut


Moyen Poodles shed little to no hair and are ideal for people with allergy issues.

Moyen means medium and these Poodles are in between the Miniature and Standard Poodle in size.

They are great friends with children and other pets, and are the perfect choice for families looking to adopt a dog.

There are many activities you can do with your Moyen and many clip styles.

Their high intelligence makes them one of the brightest and most obedient dogs.

What do you like the most about the Moyen Poodle? Their cute look, their playfulness or friendliness?

Tell us in the comments below.

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14 thoughts on “Moyen Poodle (The Definitive Guide)”

  1. Enjoyed the read. I got a few questions answered. My Moyen is just the sweetest. loving, people friendly pet ever. Anyone who wants a true family pet should really take a look at a Moyen Poodle. The cost is well worth the joy they bring.

  2. Enjoyed the read, love my fur baby. (Moyen). He is five months old and I’ve had him groomed twice with the puppy cut, but I have never bathed him myself and we are facing second ear infection. Any comments?

    • I’m sorry to hear that your doggie has an ear infection. I think it’s best to consult a vet about this as there are many different causes of infection. 🙂

  3. I had a miniature poodle nine years ago. Who I absolutely adored! I have a eight month old baby and can’t decide between a Moyen or Standard.

  4. I have a Moyen Poodle. Her name is Kali Rose and she is the sweetest girl I have ever had. I got her at 6 weeks of age, and she is now 13 and a half weeks old. She is house trained, walks well on a leash, loving, loves the snow and playing in it, and very “vocal” at times. She is extremely intelligent, loves to shower, and is truly the greatest animal I have ever had. She also loves all of her toys, is crate trained, and she loves eating raw vegetables, fruits, and cashews. I feed her grain free food, and also free feeding and watering, as they are not a breed that tends to overeat. LOVE LOVE LOVE her!

    • When should I expect my moyen to stop growing? She is currently just under a year old and has not yet reached 20 inches at the shoulder.

  5. Joe is a very beautiful and loveable black two year old moyen poodle. He and our handsome black havapoo Jasper are best buddies. The moyen poodle is the best well behaved, intelligent and calmest dog we have ever had and we’ve had many breeds,always two or three at a time. His raw diet is the best gift we have given him. He oozes with glow!! (no visits to the vet,no digestive issues,no ear or eye infections for these guys). Homemade treats,homemade shampoos and conditioners,homemade everything keeps my boys happy and healthy

  6. Our moyen is not only loved by us but our neighbors. People want to take care of her when we are gone. She had difficulties in getting used to living in a house after spending her first 5 years in a breeder farm. She was healthy but traumatized by some male and still gets frightened when seeing my husband in the dark. We’ve been through professional training/reconditioning but she has never completely gotten past the fear. That said, she was very trainable, learned to go on walks and is a wonderful companion. Very playful. She’s now 11 and still plays vigorously with much younger dogs – maybe not as along as she used to! Yes, she does have stubborn streaks! Moyens or kleins are really great dogs though and a perfect size for an aging (but hardly infirm) couple. I can still pick her up and she’s large enough to not get lost in the tall grass! And she’s wonderful with small children. Would recommend moyens to anyone.


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