Can You Shave A Husky? Is It A Good Idea?

Winter is long gone, yet the shedding continues. With summer here, there may be more fur around the house than usual.

Husky owners around the Globe may all share similar questions:Can you shave a husky or not?

What do you think?

Shaving huskies is a risky and cruel habit that should be against the law. There are husky owners who take pride in shaving their “best friend.” Modelling down the streets in the HOT sun, proudly posting pictures on social media – thinking they have done a good thing.

But in reality, shaving a husky is just as bad as feeding him chocolate!

To understand why a Husky sheds, we must first look at their history.

Why And How Do Huskies Shed?

The general name of Husky is used for a sled-type of dog commonly seen in northern regions.

The Siberian husky originated in Central Asia – historic land of the frozen tundra’s and glaciers.

The dogs were bred and built to work in intense cold weather conditions by the indigenous Arctic people. It took hundreds of years and generations of huskies to achieve the art of working under glacial conditions.

This explains why huskies innately grow another layer of fur during winter. Their genealogy and history has created this way of protecting their bodies.

The Two Layers Of Fur from Huskies Serves as an Insulation.

The importance of a husky’s fur is as important as our need as humans to see. A husky fur can be deemed as their sixth sense.



  • Topcoat protects the husky from sunburn, heated and cold weather conditions.

The Coat Below


  • It is usually a thicker matte, warming him up in cold weather conditions such as snow storms or just a rainy night.

Changes in a husky’s fur begins during the winter time as the atmosphere gets colder.

During winter time, the undercoat of fur naturalistically thickens to keep him or her warm throughout the season. This may lead to shedding as the new layer of fur that is growing underneath, is pushing out the old fur that was there before.

Once this layer has grown completely, there is little or no shedding for the balance of the cold, wintery season. It is after winter, when the heat kicks in, the trouble starts again.

Cute Husky

The fur begins to shed as soon as the ice melts. Everything becomes bathed with the fur again. And if you suffer from allergies, this will be an utter calamity.

The shedding now happens as the husky is now adapting to warmer weather conditions. Though huskies do no sweat like humans, they keep themselves cool by panting through their mouths and through the little metacarpal pads under their feet.


Nature should always be allowed to take its course!

Kyra says

Despite this shedding, we should remember that huskies are our friends. And it is advised to never chip or shave huskies out of their natural coat.

There are the pet groomers, vets and even friends and family members who will say the opposite of this statement, urging you to shave your pet. Don’t!

We are to always remember that huskies – like all other furry creatures, have fur for a reason.

The extra layer of fur is grown in the winter to keep them warm. It is quite necessary thereafter for the husky to shed their fur, adapting to the heat.

Their remaining fur serves as a natural sunscreen, protecting their delicate skin from the harsh sunlight. If the fur is shaven off, the harsh sunlight can lead to permanent damage to the canine through heat strokes.

Can you imagine your dog getting a heat stroke?

There would be nothing more heart breaking than seeing a beautiful but furless husky getting a heatstroke. He would be vomiting, panting, there would be an increased salivation, weakness, confusion, diarrhoea – all because you shaved his fur!

The fur does also serve as a shield against parasites and insects such as:

  • Worms
  • Mites
  • Ticks
  • Others

How to Care Your Husky’s Fur Without Shaving?

We can all agree that huskies are perhaps one of the most gorgeous breeds of dogs. Their good looks not only illuminates from their light-colored eyes, but it depends heavily on how their coat is maintained.

1) The right shampoo:

Huskies keep themselves naturally clean – especially since they are mostly indoors. It is advised to bathe them once a year with the right shampoo.

Read more here to find out if you can use baby shampoo on dogs.

2) Slicker Brush for Huskies:

The best way to maintain your husky’s fur is through frequent and thorough grooming sessions.

Grooming gear should include a slicker brush, which is a brush with a slanted head and has fine, metal pins set in a fabric or rubber cushion.

Slicker Brush For Dogs

Slicker Brush For Dogs

This is perhaps the most important grooming tool as it removes the dead or already shredded hair from the dog’s outer coat. The brush also polishes the dog’s skin, in that dead skin cells are removed.

It is important to remember that this brushing is to remove only hair that has already been shredded but still on the husky, and not to shed hair that is still intact on him or her.

3) Curly Comb Or Rake:

Other grooming tools for the husky’s fur entails a curly comb or rake, and spray bottle with water containing a medicated conditioner for the fur.

4) Blow Dryer for Husky’s Fur

Blow dryer is important as it is re-iterated that his fur shouldn’t be kept wet at any time.

We are to remember that huskies often groom and take care of their own bodies. The grooming tips are merely to assist in their process and promoted healthy fur.

Back to Original Question: Shaving a Husky?

No, you cannot shave your husky! It is not at all a good idea. So please put away those shavers! You will not be needing them.

Funny Husky

Take pride in grooming your husky’s fur because it is as important as his heartbeat. We are to protect his fur.

A husky is after all, a treasured member of the family!

Can you shave a husky infographic

Can you shave a husky infographic


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