Why Did My Dog Pee On The Bed? How To Stop It?

Dog peeing on bed is an annoying dog behavior which is distressing and frustrating for dog owners. One has to clean the mess, wash the sheets and clean the mattress which can take the toll on owners’ mental state.

Puppies peeing on the floor is one thing but an adult dog peeing on their beds is entirely different and needs to be remedied.

These situations also lead to owners distrusting their dogs but one has to understand the root-cause for this kind of behavior so that it is tackled accordingly.

Let’s look at a few causes which lead to dog peeing on bed.

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Why Do Dogs Pee On Bed?

1) Is your dog properly trained?
2) Dogs pee for marking
3) Anxiety because of separation or fear
4) Aging or Medical Problems
5) Lack of house training
6)How To Stop Dogs From Peeing On Bed?
a) Work on house training
b) Walk your dogs longer or more often
c) Use a waterproof dog bed
What Should Be Your Last Resort For This Problem?

Why Do Dogs Pee On Bed?

There can be many reasons for this kind of behavior. Unwanted urination is not always due to house training issues but there can be multitude of reasons for dogs demonstrating such behavior.

Dog peeing can be attributed to reasons like:

  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Training issues
  • Medical conditions
  • Submission
  • Marking
  • Aging

When dogs are not house trained properly, they pee according to their own whims and fancies be it the floor or the bed. Dogs also have an instinctive nature to mark their territory by peeing to scare off any invaders.

Anxiety or fear due to separation, thunderstorms or strange noises also lead to this kind of behavior. Medical conditions like aging and urinary tract are causes of such accidents as well.

1) Is your dog properly trained?

House training is a very important part of controlling dog’s behavior. Untrained dogs will pee just anywhere in the house. Puppies have the tendency to urinate frequently and they need to be trained properly to learn the correct behavior.

One needs to give frequent bathroom breaks or walks to puppies for relieving themselves since they have very little control on their bladders.

Many rescued dogs are devoid of any house-training hence they display such behavior.

Adult dogs are easier to train as compared to younger dogs or puppies.

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One needs to take some time off to train the dog or hire a professional trainer for proper training. If a house-trained dog is showing such kind of behavior, then a refresher training is certainly needed. Sometimes trained dogs pee on your bed due to submission or excitement.

2) Dogs pee for marking

Marking is a very peculiar behavior in male dogs. Dogs are territorial in nature and like to protect their areas, belongings and family.

If the dog is peeing on the bed in small quantities then it is known as marking and not urinating.

By marking, they want to deliver the message that this particular item or this territory is mine to avoid any intrusion. This phase of marking is generally present in young dogs and increases as the dog matures.

Alpha or aggressive dogs generally mark their territory by marking the house perimeter to avoid intruders’ entry while dogs who are not alpha or who are less confident will mark items like their bed, owners’ bed or the front door.

Dog peeing for marking

Dog peeing for marking

This kind of behavior can be avoided by telling dogs that you are the pack leader, the alpha of the house and that you can take charge of the house so that he does not feel the urge to protect you from intruders by marking.

Neutering male dogs can also help reduce these incidents but not always stop such behavior completely.

3) Anxiety because of separation or fear

Separation anxiety is also one of the major reasons for dog peeing on bed. If the dog is urinating on your bed, it may be a sign of a submissive dog who is trying to protect himself.

Because the bed smells of you, they think that they are secure when you are not around.

If the dogs are feeling scared of strange noises, thunderstorms or fire crackers, they might pee on your bed because that is the way they feel comforted and seek solace with their smell around.

Mild cases of separation anxiety can be dealt with positive reinforcement, dogs need to learn to associate “being alone” with good things like treats or delicious food items.

For severe separation anxiety cases, owners need to give anti-anxiety medication to their dogs or train their dogs with the help of a professional trainer or animal behaviorist.

Poor anxious dog

Poor anxious dog

Lastly, one has to eliminate the smell of urine from the bed completely to avoid frequent urination at the same spot. Cleaning the mattress thoroughly and hiding the urine smell with the help of a scent removal spray will work.

Baking soda and vinegar can be good alternatives to commercial sprays, they help absorb the urine and take away the smell completely hence avoiding such accidents.

4) Aging or Medical Problems

Medical problems like urinary tract condition lead to drinking more water than usual which further leads to such accidents. And because of the strong smell, they will continue urinating at the same spot like the bed.

Urinary tract infection is quite a common problem in dogs. It happens because of bacteria invasion in the urethra or the urinary bladder. This further leads to impaired defense system.

Dogs feel an increased thirst and hence increased urination and accidents like peeing on the bed happen.

Frequent accidents happen because of the fact that they are not able to hold off their urine. In such conditions, sometimes dogs also feel strained while urinating and one can find pinkish discharge or blood in their urine.

Urinary incontinence is also one of the conditions in older dogs. There are a number of causes that lead to this occurrence. Sometimes, the urethral muscles in older dogs are not as strong as they used to be when they were young so they have a hard time controlling their urge to pee.

Says who I am old!

Says who I am old!

Neurological problems, bladder infection, kidney diseases may also lead to increased urine quantity in older dogs.

Vet visits can help diagnose the cause and the condition. They can help in curing the infection with the help of proper medication.

5) Lack of house training

House training is also quite essential in avoiding such behavior. When you get a puppy home, it is a complete change of environment for them and they would need some time to adjust to their new surroundings.

Dogs are used to defined rules and routine so lack of house training will eventually result in peeing at random places including their own beds.

House training dog to avoid peeing on bed requires some persistence and patience. In the beginning, when the dogs are young, it gets very difficult to house-train them.

Dogs need house training

Dogs need house training

Crate-training is one of the best training mechanism to make dogs learn the right behavior.

Dogs also respond well to praises and positive reinforcement. People think that if positive reinforcement works well then negative reinforcement will also be helpful in teaching dogs what not to do but this is not the case. It does not always work in your favor.

If you want your dogs to avoid peeing on bed then scolding them, scaring them and taking away their food will not help in reinforcing this behavior. Instead, they might feel frightened and pee on their bed more often than they do usually.

How To Stop Dogs From Peeing On Bed?

Dog peeing on bed is obviously a frustrating problem for dog owners, especially when you don’t know the ways of getting rid of it. Hence most of us end up thinking that it is just a way, our dog is getting back to us for some form of punishment.

Let’s clear the air by letting you know that your dogs will never do that.


Dogs just don’t think the way humans do.

Kyra says

In this section we will help you understand the ways which could curb this habit of peeing on bed.

Let’s take them on, one by one.

1) Work on house training

As explained in the above section, lack of house training is one of the most basic reasons of why your dog has been peeing everywhere in your house including his/ her bed. Train your bog to understand that peeing on bed is a wrong thing to do and not a correct behavior.

For house-training the dogs, owners should train their dogs by taking the following steps:


  • Catch them in the act, interrupt them with a loud clap or noise.
  • Take them outside immediately so that they can relieve themselves completely.
  • Give them positive reinforcement in the form of praise or dog treats.
  • Do not scold or punish them since they will not be able to understand what went wrong, dogs do not understand negative reinforcement, it might backfire
  • Walk them at frequent intervals will give them the opportunity to relieve themselves
  • Maintain a toilet routine by taking them out at fixed times.

One should never distract a dog when he/ she is eliminating at the right spot. Dogs take their own time to find the perfect spot, they will circle around, sniff and do the deed.

If you want your dogs to eliminate at a particular spot then paper training is one of the best methods.

Paper training is suitable for people living in high-rise apartments or flats. It is a classic method and the most trusted technique where you use old newspapers or towel which are soiled and put them aside at your desired spot.

Dogs feel reinforced to eliminate at that particular spot and eventually get used to peeing on that towel or paper.

Crate training dogs is also one of the most practiced techniques. It teaches them how to hold their bladders but one should never restrict the dog to the crate for a long time else it will lead to a hard time for your dogs.

2) Walk your dogs longer or more often

Another reason could be that you dog is not getting enough walks and it is not able to hold its pee at home for those long hours. It also means that he does not feel comfortable peeing anywhere in your house but the bed.

Take your dog out for long hours or more frequently. This will stop your dog from peeing on bed.

Take a note of the frequency of long walks he needs and make sure that you fulfill that every day. It will definitely make things better for you and your dog.

Praise them once they are done peeing outside. They need to feel that this is the right thing that they have done and should continue to do so.

3) Use a waterproof dog bed

We would suggest you to consider this as the last resort, especially if your dog is peeing on bed out of medical reasons. Dog owners should consider investing in these waterproof beds especially if the dog is suffering from holding issues due to aging and other medical problems like incontinence, urinary tract infection or bladder infection.

These beds are easy to clean and maintain and if your dog is regularly peeing on bed, it solves the problem.

However it might make your dog a little restless because like a normal bed it won’t absorb enough and will wet you dog but the presence of foam base in the bed can compensate for the wet part and make it somewhat comfortable for the dogs.

What Should Be Your Last Resort For This Problem?

Now, if none of the above mentioned ways can could curb the issue of dog peeing on bed then it is time to visit a vet and talk about it.

However most important thing to remember is that your dog is not doing it intentionally, they don’t think the way we do.

If you have spent enough time with your dog then you know how to tame him/her. Use the same strategies and control their habit, rather than being frustrated or being annoyed.

Also, restrict access to your bedroom and your bed, supervise and make sure that such accidents do not happen frequently.

Never ever punish your dog for this because they will never understand what they have done wrong.

We hope some of these pointers help you to get rid of this problem.

8 thoughts on “Why Did My Dog Pee On The Bed? How To Stop It?”

  1. Lady, my beautiful dog who is in heaven right now, peed uncontrollably in her final years of life. Since she was about 22 kg, she slept on the floor instead and every morning was a cleaning routine for me – removing the urine stains in my house and cleaning her back side.

    It became a lot of work until I decided to put her on cloth diapers attached with human baby diapers and those two work wonders. They kept her dry during the rainy season which prevented her from going to the grasses.

    Caring for her taught me a lot about senior dogs behaviors and while most people find urine incontinence a nuisance, understand that it’s not the dog’s fault. They just can’t help it when they get older.

    • Hi Cathy, I am sorry to hear that.

      I used to have a Shih Tzu and she died of old age, I can relate to how you feel about the loss.
      Taking care of a senior dog is no doubt a lot of work. I used dog diapers and they really saved a lot of work and time because they’re designed for convenience.

      Have you got yourself another dog after Lady?

  2. Hey Josh,

    I used to scold my dog whenever he did something I don’t like but I heard from somewhere that they can actually understand, is this true?

    Because every time I do that, he’ll whimper and make sad noises and that made me feel bad too. I know that dogs don’t understand but there’s something about scolding that makes them understand in a way.

    • Hi Riaz,

      Dogs do not understand human languages but they can comprehend body language and tones and pitches.

      For example, they will only listen to commands from someone who gives order using a low-pitched voice.

      Of course when we tell them off, they know their owner is angry through their emotion and body language. They know it is something bad.

      Just like dogs peeing on their bed, try not to tell them off but use positive reinforcement (rewards) when they don’t pee their bed. They thrive when given enough love.

  3. My boy is three and Intermittently pees on my bed drives me nuts he barks she. He wants to go so I am at a loss why he does this

    • Thanks for dropping by! There are really many reasons why he did it. You would have to rule out the possibilities through trial and error. 🙂


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